Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wrapping up week 3

So, time to try to post has just not been happening, so sorry! I will tell you now that I won't be posting anything else until the weekend at the soonest or early next week (just a heads up)...

This past week has been quite eventful! I guess everything will be from now on, right? :)

Emma was still a little fussy on and off, so one of the things we read about was putting her in a definitely has it moments when it works :) BUT, we don't want to let her get too used to falling asleep while being rocked, so we try not to put her in there too much.

we had our first stroller ride and walk with mom and dad! It was so nice to get out and just be in the fresh air :)

Ok, our little preemie is a little long for her special clothes! the sleeves are like 3/4 length, and her belly pops out :)

she's been spending more time with her eyes open, so here's a shot of her when we were hanging out one evening - and check out that belly!

in .1 seconds, we can see this face at any time!

then, 1 second later...

...and 1 second after that

on Friday, we headed out to the mall, and Emma had her first trip to a restaurant :) She was just passed out the whole time, so Tyler and I were able to enjoy lunch.

Saturday was a small friend shower (YAY a little girl time) here's Auntie Ginger feeding Emma

...and daddy playing with Emma, showing off her new dress she got at the mall for the occasion. She's just too cute!

Emma's first Sunday at church! Aunt Connie, she wore one of the dresses that you got fr her! :) I did add some pants just to make sure she didn't get too cold with the AC in the building.

afternoon nap with daddy

her 2 week check-up after her first 2 week check-up :)
She had such a great check-up today! She's gained 17 ounces since her last visit, and is now up to 6 pounds 7 ounces, and she's grown a half inch coming in at 19.75 inches. She did so well for the Dr and the nurse, we were so proud of her! Dr said she's growing so beautifully and everything looks great. Such great news. It made us feel like we have been doing a pretty good job with her since she's been home - yay us.'s everything going?! Well, we sure are two tired pups! But that's to be expected, so we definitely don't want to complain. Emma's starting to sleep a little longer at night, so that's been nice (getting an extra hour of sleep between feedings). I have occasional bouts of grumpiness when the tiredness sets in, and Tyler is so sweet, he just wants to do what he can to help - i wish there was something that he can do to help :) We are certainly enjoying our uninterrupted family time that we're being blessed with right now with Tyler being off. I can feel how much I'm going to miss him already (tear), but we're excited to fully enjoy this week - the last week he's home with us. If you could please pray for us as we move toward 'normalcy', making our own meals, cleaning the house on our own, and getting Tyler off to work every day. It's going to be a bit of a transition, and rough, I'm sure, but we know the Lord will get us through it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and has a great week! I'm sure that once Tyler goes back to work and I'm home solo I'll start to post more regularly ;)...until then!



She is changing every second, isnt she?:( LOVE her cute church outfit and party clothes!:) she is one cute little girl. She definitly reminds me of some of my children..those Boyd features.:) Can't wait for the next post of pictures, but am LOVING my daily fix with picture texts1 Thank you!!!:) Love ya!

NANI said...

Yes... I agree with Connie. ;)
She is changing a lot. Ty going back to work will be hard. :(
But.... life does seem to keep moving on. LOVE to you all and give Emma a kiss for me.