Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Check it out

Morning. I just read a wonderful post that I wanted to share. Click here to read.

Just a nice little refresher to be encouraged by others, yet don't be extreme and try to make yourself exactly like others...but do read for the details.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Join me

A couple of weeks back, a devo email from P31 was written by Wendy Blight. In her email, she shared that she was starting a blog study on Ephesians. It started last week, BUT it's not too late to join!!

It seems like it's going to be a really great study. The first week was great - digging in to scripture all around.

If you're interested in checking it out, click here. Scroll down to the post just below for the intro.

If you decide to join, let me know! It would be great to dialog about the questions and reading.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tio Martin

When we were done in So Cal for the wedding (posted last week), we took the opportunity to see one of my dad's brothers that lives in Hemet. The last time I'd been down there to see him was a couple of months after my dad passed away, so it'd been a few years.

On our drive over, we ran in to some fun street signs!

...we were only missing Boyd st/blvd - we're still keeping our eyes out when we're driving about!

Tio Martin shared some new stories that I hadn't heard before...
...he was in the service. Got to hear about my grandpa Macario (I've never really heard anything about him and never got the chance to meet him) and a little bit about my Nana too.

Tyler made a friend :) He's so great with kids!! This is their granddaughter who stays with them while mom is in school.

of course, we have our pics with him
Tyler loves to get to talk with my uncles and get to know them and also my dad through them.
That was our short and sweet visit since we headed back home after being there for a few hours....it's always so great to get to see my uncles - i watch how they talk, move, sit - whatever - and love to find similarities between them and my dad :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Rocket Run

On Saturday, we (my sisters, mom and I) decided to do a rocket run down to Huntington Beach. We visited with my Tia Annie and cousin Cynthia and her fam...and enjoyed the area and the trip a bit.

A little background. Tia Annie was married to my Uncle Alex. Whenever we'd go down to visit my grandma or make a trip down to El Centro, we'd stop and stay with her on the way down and back, since it was a nice break kind of half way.

I had to take a shot of 'Norms' - this is where I remember going to breakfast almost every time we were there. I'm pretty sure that's the only place I've seen these.

Sometimes, my dad would just leave the house early and go get some Winchell's doughnuts and we'd have breakfast at the house. Tia Annie was wanting some doughnuts so we went out to get her some :) They were quite yummy....it'd been a while since any of us had any doughnuts from Winchell's.

Sweet memories :)

...we met up with Cynthia, George and their girls 'for lunch' :) George was wanting some Shakey's pizza...we found one '5 miles' away, but i think it took us 20 minutes to get there - so it was an adventure for sure.
the cousins ;)
and the girls
and Tia Annie...sweet Tia Annie.
Sadly, she's suffering from dimension so she doesn't remember us - well, she DID recognize my mom when we pulled up :) That, I'm sure, is a nice feeling for my mom :)

...we took a break at the beach before heading back home

So that was our day on Saturday. Quick trip to so cal for lunch and some hang time :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Calling all the mamas out there

Hello ladies. I have been meaning to do this for some time now and just haven't!

I think I mentioned earlier this week that we have not purchased a single item for the baby yet...we've looked around at things like cribs and a few others, but that's the extent of our window shopping at this time. As we are getting ready to venture in to this new world, I would love to get advice from anyone willing to give it regarding all baby items.
  • what works - must have
  • what doesn't - don't waste your money on it
  • what could you not have made it without
  • what are good little bonuses - made things nice (or would have) but not a necessity
...and anything else you feel would be good for us to check in to or know about! If you could also include the brand that you recommend, since we know there are options out there for just about everything - that would be awesome.

ALSO - if you're at a stage in your child's life where you don't need something (or soon to be)and are OK with lending or leasing it out to us - let us know! We definitely don't need brand new everything. This also goes out for any maternity clothes :) Anything you're not using for the next 4 months or wanting anymore - let me know!

So please feel free to shoot your info over to me. If you have a friend that could help us out with this info as well, we're OK with receiving info from anyone!

Have a great weekend!! And Happy Father's Day out there to all the daddy's of the world :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beautiful Wedding

Not only am I a sucker for weddings, but I've been hearing about this adorable love affair between John & Monica for 2 years now (they've been together longer, but I met Monica 2 years ago)...loved hearing about getting details set for the wedding (although I never really knew specifics, so the wedding itself to me was a complete surprise) and it was just such a neat event to witness for so many reasons!!

The post that I put up recently (about our active child) that displayed some amazing talent at the wedding happened here! So, while I know that the majority of you do not known these two lovebirds, I just had to share a little of our evening with them, with you!

The bride was absolutely breathless. She looked like a model...well, I guess since she does print ads she is one - but still :)

As you can see, the color was purple - my favorite color :) Even their puppy was all dressed up for the event!
Tyler took a pic of one of their framed pics they had out. They took some really great pics that they had displayed throughout the wedding spots.

I loved the purple flower decor that she had - you can barely see it here, but she had some beads hanging from the top here...
and the center pieces were just gorgeous!
The happy couple

The location was a gorgeous place on a hill, so there were several levels available to the wedding... they house wild animals (Tyler only ventured off to get a pic of 1 :) )...amazing scenery - wish we'd have gotten more photos!

Here's a link to Rancho Las Lomas, where the wedding took place. There are a few more pics there, and also if you're looking to get married near Orange County, look them up!

...and our clan :) This was the gang that was there from JAMZ :)...minus Tyler, unfortunately. While we were there socially, he was asked to be taking pics throughout the event :(
The gorgeous cake - I loved the feel of Alice and Wonderland to it...or at least that's what it made me think of.
...and the fun with the cake

...and our evening ended as it was dancing at cocktail time. Generally, would be a fun time however, we left to go hang out with some family in Huntington Beach, since we were so nearby.

Ok, that's 2 of 4 weddings for 2010! Next weddings are in August and December (yay I get to be a bridesmaid 1 more time!!) I so love weddings.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Plans, plans...and more plans

Was reading one of my crosswalk emails yesterday and my thought for the day was what it made me ponder: most times (ok...all the time) our plan 'b' is God's plan 'a' for our lives. (to read the email - which I recommend!- click here)

Many of you know this but I'm a ridiculous planner. Truth be told, I think it's driven Tyler a bit nuts these past few years that our lives have merged. I had such a rigid schedule for absolutely everything: what night of the week I watched a movie, when I paid bills, when the bills were sent off, what nights I would call friends to catch up, when my 'free' nights were to make plans with someone. Seriously - from the random to the extreme; if it were something to do, it was planned.

After life started happening, or shall I say, God started to take over (wish I could say I asked Him to, but sadly I wasn't asking Him, so He just did it himself without waiting on me, bless His little heart!), I could no longer 'plan' out each detail of my life. I couldn't even make a list of to-dos or organize my week. I was a complete scatter brain. I got this bad after my dad passed away. I used to cry because I felt like I just had no control over my life...and boy was I right! This was also the point of my life when I realized I have no control over my life, it's all in God's hands...and I was finally at the point where I quit resisting and controlling and gave it all up.

Back to planning. I had every stage of my life planned out. I wanted to get married after I was 21 (check) get pregnant when I was 28 (ok...I'll wait), I had a 5 year plan at work (we all know how that ended, right?), and on and on. No where in my plan did I ever have a divorce, losing my dad, a miscarriage, or a struggle with God's timing when it came to having children. My plan 'A' so did not work out...and I am so eternally grateful for that! God's plan 'A' has been so much better, and I feel like it's just at the beginning of it! I think he let me do my own thing through my 20s, so that I could spend the rest of my life realizing His plans are so much greater! I think when I was trying to live out my 'A', it was my molding and 'learn from all these mistakes' time. "...Many of us make the mistake of forgetting that Jesus promises to produce maturity, righteousness, and love by letting us go through trials."

I know many of you know the 'planner' side of me, which still exists, don't get me wrong!! This is why you absolutely cannot believe that we did not find out the sex of the baby. Tyler being my opposite, and resting in God, I have given some of the crazy planning up :) Man has it been nice, too!! So much less stress. I do still plan out my days and weeks, so I can be sure to get things done...and it also helps me feel productive (I heart seeing my items crossed off!!). But I've also realized that I have to allow for God's 'inserted' items in my days that I don't always 'plan on'...and just that things don't always go as planned.

OK so those are lots of thoughts and background to swallow :) Thank you for letting me share this since I no longer have an outlet to 'talk' and think out loud each day!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mother's Day

We had an interesting Mother's Day - well choice of meal :) We went to Jura's with my mom, sisters and their families. You wouldn't guess that would be the choice for the meal, but I guess if it filled everyone up and was a good meal, that's all that counts, right?!

Here we are just sitting around.

Tyler and I gave my mom a photo book of her surprise 60th birthday pictures. For some reason, she just thought that the cover picture was just hilarious!!

It ended up being the year for photo albums. We ended up making one for Crystal with pics from the pregnancy, shower, birth, and Isaiah's first day home.
...and here's Isaiah!

While I don't feel like it was Mother's day for me (just doesn't feel real without the baby actually here)...I did get a few wishes :) Tyler had some gorgeous flowers sent to work for me...

...and apparently this is what Mother's day will be like from now on - as you see me cleaning in the background :)

nice and full sink there ;) ... I can't wait until next year's Mother's Day!! We'll have our little one here with us, and it will feel legit ;)

Friday, June 11, 2010


I think I (unintentionally) got back at the baby today for all the crazy movement that has been taking place. Last night it was even more crazy, I was laying on my side while we watched a movie and the part of my belly that was on the bed was 'the spot' that it was quite possibly trying to come through. It felt more like some punching going on, not so much tumbling!! ...I know, I know, just wait till later on this summer when it's bigger and all crammed in my tummy and body parts start poking through.

So, anyhow, I tried out a yoga class this morning :) I was doing as much of the class as I could,which had me in all different kinds of fun positions - several of them including some upside down motions for the baby :) I didn't think about that until afterwards...but the class was lots of fun! I think I will make it a weekly thing.

No, I wasn't looking for a way to get back at this active person. Just felt like I intruded on it's 'home' and shook it all up this morning! But hey, I feel better after my work out, so it should too, right?! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Caty & Wilson

So back to playing catch up so y'all can check out what you'd like and I can finally be in the present with this guy!!

Our cousin Caty got married in May, and what a beautiful wedding it was! It was nice time with family...it'd been a while since we were all at a wedding together :)

A few shots from the ceremony - the grand entrance...

...the LONG first kiss :) ...

...the happy couple making their way out of the church.
Tyler's abstract photo...you can see us in the reflection :)
The reception hall had a random sign posted - had to share!

a few solo shots

My mom, tio vidal and Lita!
This was cool. Wilson is Chinese, so he had a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony of 'waking the dragon'.

Of course, baby Isaiah made his debut - and he looked so adorable!! We all passed him around.

Tyler FINALLY got to hold him...he was feeling under the weather when he was first born, so he was being good and staying away from the baby until he felt better.

Here's the other mom currently growing her baby - trying to get a little practice in.

Mom TRYING to get natural with a baby in her arms...she better - only 3 months left until her next grand child is born...and a soon after, her second great-grand child!

Here's a better generation pic (than the last taken the day he got home from the hospital).
We are due about 10 days a part - you can kinda see our bellies here :)

Cousin Maribel's cutie of a little boy!! I just want to squeeze his cheeks!!

Isn't Lita just adorable?!

The father-daughter dance...I know my tio vidal was so sad! Now both his girls are married and out of the house. He's such a sensitive dad...we've shared some times chatting about the girls and raising them.
Super cute cake!

What a fun night it was. The events unfolded kinda late so we weren't able to stay too long. I was ready for some dancing, but we had Info Booth duties at church the next day so we had to be up early :(...Beautiful wedding Caty & Wilson - congrats!