Prayers and Praises

Hello!  I've decided to add this page for both Tyler and I as well as those that are interested in praying along side us for things, and joining us in praise as well.  In addition to 'Connie's Ramblings' posts, this would definitely be another window in to our lives, and directly in to our hearts as we share.  And...I will try to be succinct ;0

I hope to be faithful to updating this portion of our site, since it's a daily part of our lives!  


  • The Lord faithfully provides us with just enough finances to buy what we need and continuing to give back to His kingdom through different ministries
  • Learning to say 'no' - and putting self (emma/family/home) first!  

Newly added requests
  • For Tyler and I both to continually go to the Lord and ask Him to continue restoring our relationship with Him, and our marriage.
  • For group overall (of 21 year old young ladies) that is now meeting in our home each Monday; and for me as I seek the Lord in how he would have me come along side each of them to do life.

Continual prayers
  • Energy for Tyler, as he works (basically) 2 jobs for a couple of months...and is working in the office AND events on weekends!
  • For me to be mindful of all Tyler has on his plate and be a wife committed to prayer and encouragement for him.
  • Time/energy/focus from both Tyler and I on our marriage/relationship, as time is scarce and we try to attend to Emma and household needs first.
  • The drive and encouragement to continually reach out to friends.
  • That I would remember to follow up with those I'm praying for, and continually pray until God has answered them.
  • Encouragement (for us) to get to know people in our new church.
  • For Tyler to view his place of work as a mission field, always looking for where God's working and the 'bigger picture' of his purpose there.
  • Emma's health and daily progress.
  • Learning how to deal with and adapt to each new 'stage' that Emma goes through.
  • Making each quiet time with the Lord a special time without distractions and our full attention.
  • Continuing to build healthy boundaries.  Seeking the Lord's will before committing to something; saying 'no' when a rest is needed.  
  • Energy and stamina for Tyler as the Lord continues providing him with 'additional work' he does in the evenings.  That he's able to get to bed, sleep well, and be refreshed for office work each morning!