Monday, October 8, 2012

Papas Vaca

After some crazy days/hours in June and July, Tyler was granted a well deserved vacation.  it was interesting timing, really.  (Que the background story ;0) Working for JAMZ didn't leave much time for socializing outside of well, JAMZ.  You're so exhausted from everything that you have no desire to do anything on your days off.  Quitting a little over two years ago, I was ready to 'be social'  So many people have heard from us how we want to get together.  Combine being new parents and Tyler working events and side jobs and that left us...putting getting together with people back on the shelf.

It was tough, especially for me being home and feeling a little more lonely, no longer surrounded by people on a daily basis.  I would wait for projects to be done, events to be over, blah, blah.  This summer, after a combination of Emma going down to one nap, me feeling normal again and just realizing there's always a reason to not do things, and you just gotta do them!  I started to be social just Em and I.  
I am NOT blaming Tyler in this.  It was my decision to wait for times that we could all do things as a family... and I'm just kinda sharing a little of where I've been with all this over the past couple of years.  (and apparently turning a post about Tyler's vacation about me; need some adult/conversation time I think!)

ALL THIS TO we finally started to go out and do things - Tyler got vacation!  And to kick off our vaca, we got a call from my BFF Kimmy that they were taking their jet skis out to the lake, so we met up with them there!
Minutes after we got there and Em got in, she fell in ;0... her ready to not fear the rest of the day, I guess ;0
We had taken Caden overnight the night before, so we asked if Matt and Charrie wanted to meet us out there...and they did ;0

it was a fun day

it felt like we were really living; doing things as a family.  Going out and just enjoying life.  it felt awesome and it was a phenomenal way to start vacation!
We spent most of our time around the house.  One night, Tyler took us on a date!
Contrary to the look on her face here, Em LOVED her cold stone ;0
We made a family trip to was gorgeous and a WONDERFUL day!

We invited both my sis' and their kiddos and the littles, and awesomely enough, Ann and her crew were already planning to go!  Perfect timing!
Tyler spent his time making this beauty...that everyone wanted to pose around ;0

How talented is he?! 

As always, we forget to try to get a pic of just us!  So, as we were getting in to the car we got one ;0

Just a little of our vaca and August.  Just thought we'd share (and I'd have a little therapy session;0)

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Beauty in Messy Motherhood

A nice, comforting and encouraging post.  Mamas - please read!

The Beauty in Messy Motherhood

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Just wanted to share our news!
It is VERY early - we are just 4 weeks along.
However, we wanted to enlist the prayers of anyone that would join us
to pray that we make it through the next couple of months!
Please and Thank you :0