Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 TCBY

click to enlarge :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welcome to anyone visiting after receiving our Christmas card and TCBY :) I have not been posting too terribly much this fall ...back in October (wow 2 months ago!) I had posted this to explain....and it just seems like we haven't really been at home long enough to sit and just be still.

Tyler hasn't had to work events since 12/5 (he had been working over the weekends) so the last couple of weekends have been nice to spend together :) AND super excited that we're about to embark on our VACATION! Love taking a break in December. A little rejuvenation before we go nuts again at work.

I will be posting some stuffs out of order, considering Christmas is days away and Thanksgiving still isn't up - so stay tuned for that and showers (wedding and baby) and birthdays and friends OH MY :)

In the mean while, pray with us that we will continue to find time to be still listening for the Lord to speak to us and guide our steps. We do feel our new 'page' beginning to turn but we do want it to be in the Lord's timing.

We will certainly share any news here, as it happens, so stay tuned :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

the VACA part of Hawaii

Back to our memories of paradise...after 'working' on Kauai, we had a few days to ourselves :) and headed over to Oahu - Waikiki for the remainder of that week.

Paradise Cove luau is the best on Waikiki! We headed out for a fun evening.
Tyler enjoying his evening...

Before the the main show they had a several different 'shows' to entertain everyone with..here showing how they fished...
in the amphitheatre, they had singers...
...and dancers

We then enjoyed a beautiful sunset...

...then the main show were we had some amazing seats.

We did tours of Pearl Harbor and the island itself. We actually found a Boyd and an Aguirre listed on the wall of those that went down with the Arizona - very interest

me with 'Duke' of our favorite place to eat: Dukes :)

my hubby writing messages to me in the sand :) Aww....

On our last morning, we took part in our hotel's wedding vow renewal! It was such a neat experience. It was fun to be on the beach again, barefoot and just the two of us (well, we didn't know anyone else that was in our group. There were so many pics of that, here's a slide show :)

and there it is! 3 months later :) a few pics from our vacation/anniversary/work outing :) Yay for 3-in-1's.