Monday, September 27, 2010

Things I'm loving this (last) week...

I started this last week, but didn't want to take time away from our family time this weekend to finish up:)  and lets face it, I'm a rambler, so I wanted to finish getting this stuff out!

....If you read my post last week, you know I haven't been taking time out for much.  My reflections have been brief, and mostly only happening while a moment I'm hoping to savor is going on.

There is so much to be grateful for in life - I need to do this more often!  It allows me to intentionally give praise to the Lord for all the beautiful (and not so beautiful) things in life, and to continue to be transparent and share my heart with anyone out there that's stopping in :)
  1. my hubby.  Thank you, Lord for blessing me with such an amazing man!  What would I do without this guy?!...seriously.  He puts up with my mixture of emotions, never thinking I'm a loon or dismissing my feelings (really, I asked him about that this weekend!)  He speaks love and encouragement to me, loves our family...i could go on and on, but I'm sure that's enough for y'all ;) - he really is more than I dreamed up in a hubby!  
  2. time of refreshment.  last week, i shared about refocusing...which lent itself to a time of refreshment for me, which was greatly wanted and needed both :)  I'm so glad we serve a God that is always waiting for us and ready to pour back in to us, when we come to Him asking for it!  Thank you for not turning away from us when we put you on the back burner. OH and a great thought I heard on the radio this am: you have not because you ask not...God is waiting for you to ask of Him so that He may provide for you!!
  3. family willing to help-a-sista-out.  Literal sistas: last week I had the opportunity to have coffee with Ann, where apparently I rambled on and on about different random things...and needed it!  Diane and Connie have also been ears for me as I've just talked randomness to Diane and called on Connie to listen, talk through things and she's kindly shared encouragement throughout the week as well.  Not literal sista - but mama ;0  Thanks, mom, for cleaning our house!  I have had such a hard time doing 'things' that need to be done, actually cleaning is last on my list...but I can scratch it off because you come and take care of it for me.
  4. I love when God's coming at you from different angels...just to make sure you get what He's trying to tell you :)  Great post on today, just regarding needing girlfriends!  I know I so need my girl time.  Before, it was as easy as a call/text/email to my friend Kimmy saying, "Chevy's after work?!"...or something along those lines :)  Now that everyone has kids and hubbies to attend to after a long day's work, it's not quite so easy :(
  5. answered prayer :) Again, regarding the hospital bill, most recently.  It allows us to open up and start praying like crazy for the next thing!  At this time, that is for both Tyler and I to be happy right where we are, without looking to what's next or could be each day fully - which will allow us more time to get in sync with where God's trying to lead us each day.  
  6. Beth Moore.  I just started my next study, A Woman's Heart - SO extremely excited!  Doing BM studies make me feel so incredibly smart, because we're learning from such a wise woman!  Can't wait to see how things change between now and March (we're doing 1 lesson over 2 weeks for us busy ladies to have time to get it all in)...and where it leaves me when it's all over!  YAY for a season of pruning, which I can definitely feel coming on. 
OK, That's enough chatter for now...want to get a few things done before Ms Emma wakes up again.  

A little treat for those that read to the end and put up with my randomness :)

Friday, September 24, 2010


Just wanted to share really quickly before it's feeding time again :) 

Yesterday I looked in to details of a financial assistance program that Kaiser offers.  We were told to apply for it, so we did.  We received notification that we were 'approved' but I wasn't really sure what it was going to cover...and we still hadn't received an official bill from our time in the hospitals. 

Well, this wonderful assistance programs has decided to 'pick up' our ENTIRE bill!  They are paying for our small charges at Kaiser, as well as the ENTIRE Dameron bill!!  PRAISE THE LORD - blessings are, as always, more than we'd prayed for.  We were praying for help in paying it off, but free?!  God is so good!  ...He knows there are so many things to still pick up for little Ms Emma that we need at home :)

OH - are you curious as to how much my 6 day stay and Emma's 12 day stay totaled?  OK, 

nuts, huh?!  Well, I guess not too bad considering it includes NICU care...but still :)  After speaking to someone on the phone to explain the coverage, we also received a notice in the mail about it  yesterday that included the total cost.  Too funny. 

Just wanted to share our awesome answer to prayer, and encourage everyone to pray through it all!  God answers prayers, for sure:)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So...since my 'leaving work' transition I have been focusing on reconnecting with friends and family, since I had neglected so many relationships while focusing on work for so many years.
Over the past 7 weeks now that Ms Emma has come in to our world, of course I had been focusing on her and put all else aside.  
I've still been praying for you!  I pray for those that come to check in on our lives and those that come to mind.  

This morning, I'm refocusing yet again.  Selfishly, because I need it :)  If I can focus on other's and their needs, it will remind me to pray throughout the day, keeping me in communication with God.  And that's my heart's cry - to be constantly connected.  ...and I genuinely want to be connected with others and be praying for it's a twofer :)

Please feel free to email me with anything that I can be praying along side you for, or leave a comment, so that others may join us in prayer over you!

Ecclesiastes 4:1212 A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.

Hope your week has been going well, and your weekend is refreshing and full of family and friend connection time.  We weren't designed to do life alone!  You can pray that same thing for Tyler and I as well.  


  • Our church is doing a 1-service Sunday.  It is at 10 AM, outdoors, lunch is provided afterwards.  If you'd like to join us, you're more than welcome!  

  • any tips on what to do for constipated babies?  (She's not constipated anymore, but we feel that was what was up with her always crying this week since it's gone now that she 'let it out ;)' )
  • how many times did I use the word focus?!  ...guess it was a good thing that was the title :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cute Dress Credit

I wanted to say that the two cute dresses that Ms Emma wore this past weekend were both given to her by Aunt Connie!  Thanks - she loves them and looks adorable in them!! :)

Awesome when Auntie has great taste in clothes, right?! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Picture taking weekend

I am trying to take pictures of Emma every day, but this weekend she had two reasons for getting dressed up, and there were tons of pictures taken, so thought I'd just throw a few up real quick. 

Saturday was a nice little gathering at Marty's with the JAMZ gang - it was our JAMZ shower :)

we don't get many pics together since it's usually just the two of us, or I'm the one snapping the shots...this is is when we got home...

here's a cute one of her passed out shortly after the above.  Now that she's fitting better in newborn sized clothes, and we have so many, I'm trying to get her in everything.  Too cute to be worn as jammies, but whatcha gonna do?! :)
Here are Julie and I...I miss my friendships at work very much ;(

Thanks, Julie & Marty, for the wonderful afternoon!  We appreciate it very much :)

On to today for Emma's dedication.  It was such a special morning. 
The verse that we picked was Colossians 1:9-10
 9For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. 10And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God
(for anyone that noticed, super bummed that my dress was hiked a little by the way I was holding Emma ;(...oh well...)
...afterwards we had a little BBQ for lunch at home, and were able to get a few pics with great-grandmas!
a little smile here...
...can you see how blue her eyes are getting?!
...and that's all she wrote for now.  Enjoying a little down time before Emma gets up to eat again - hopefully she takes a long nap here since she was up so long with all the company!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

more firsts

Can't believe another week is just flying by!  I will continue to report all good things about Emma this week, being that she's so perfect ;)  Today was the first time since this past weekend that she had a little screaming fit.  Could have been she's sick of being in the car seat (why in a sec), or could have been her messy diaper :)  But we took a pit stop on the way home and...had our first play date!

This morning was MOPS at ROG, so Crystal and I went to go check it out.  It was fun...nice to be around other mamas to chat whether about kids or not.  It was great to see a few faces I already know from church, and also great to meet several new ones that I hope to get to know a better this year.  So today was our first meeting and we're definitely looking forward to each one this season.  

On our way home (a 30 minute drive) Emma decided to be fussy.  A little cranky as we left town (oakdale) and soon after, she was screaming :)  I leaned over and put the pacifier in her mouth a few times, but that didn't help.  So, in taking Crystal back to my mom's house, we pit stopped and rested...she calmed down, got a clean diaper on, then played with cousin Isaiah!

At first, they weren't quite sure what to do with each other...

then they warmed up to one another...this picture happened just after Isaiah stuck his finger in Emma's mouth for a fish hook :) that point, we decided it was time to go home, eat and take a FABULOUS nap...which is going on now!  Just thought I would share before I do my work out :) 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emma's now even ;)

Well, today is what was given to me as my due date.  Today Ms Emma is also 6 since she was born 6 weeks early, technically she is now even.  

When we were out and people would ask how old she was, they'd gasp at how small she was for that age, so we'd explain she was 6 weeks early, yadda yadda, we'd try to be funny and say 'she's negative X weeks'.  So, I guess now I'm trying to be funny by saying she's even now :)

The past 6 weeks have flown right by!  Amazing is probably the only word to describe it. 

So you may be guessing, by the fact that I'm writing, that today is a good day.  It's actually good day #2.  God has fixed Emma enough for me to not feel like I'm going nutty.  Yay.  this morning went so well that I got to work out for the first time!  like a real work out - the P90X (usually my 'workouts' consist of me going to the gym and getting on the elliptical machine...and that's about it).  We also went on a walk which put her to sleep, hence the free time.

Today we have another milestone.  Emma smiled at me - with it not being related to gas.  Nope she smiled at me while looking at me, while I was talking to her.  She can scream the rest of the day now, but nothing can bring me down from the feeling of her recognizing me and being happy with me enough to smile!  What a beauty ;0

Here's a cute little sleeping pic of her...
1.  she was laying on her tummy, and the white thing on the top left hand corner was to her right when she was put down.  She is such a wiggler!  She maneuvered herself in a different direction. She can even move herself when she's in a swaddle blanket with her arms all tied up!

2. she slept so peacefully I almost didn't want to wake her!  she also looked adorable sleeping ;)

OK, almost time for her to get back up!  Hope to have more good days this week so I can have some good pics and share them. 

Monday, September 13, 2010


Tyler:   My wife has been wanting to do this for some time now, but it always seemed like when there was an opportunity, she had other obligations that kept her from doing it.  Well, that is finally over!  She was able to be baptized this last weekend by our good friend and pastor Chad Allen.  I didn't have my real camera, so I just decided to video it using my cell phone.  After a recent upgrade to it, it does 720 hd video...(for you techies out there...of course I had to downgrade for this purpose..).  Here is Connie getting baptized for those of you who don't go to River Oak Grace.

**** If the video doesn't load right away, just has to download it for some reason before it will you the little black box for a bit...I will work on fixing this.

-= =-

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lounging on a Saturday

Girls solo

What a week - and praise the Lord that it's over because it was a lot tougher than I had thought it would be.

The first 5 weeks of Emma's little life were not too shabby.
  • 2 weeks in the NICU's where they kindly put her on a schedule, taught her to just lay there, pacify herself and be a good little baby. Of course, she was sleeping a bit more those weeks...
  • 3 weeks of tag-teaming the precious little thing. we shared feedings, cry spells, random screams...and the not so big items as well: diapers, clothing, and playing.
THEN REALITY. I gotta do this all on my own. I spent lots of time talking to God and Emma this week because it was overwhelming. I asked them both to help me figure out what to do. She had cry/scream spells that no matter what I did would not take them away. ...blah, blah, blah (sparing you of details). Thursday I cried with her throughout the day and felt like I had broken her of all that had been instilled in her up to this point. I felt like we (I) was doomed to have a baby that cries all the time, whether or not you're holding her and that doesn't want to sleep.

I was trying to introduce 'wake' time to her, and not let her fall fast asleep as soon as she was done feeding. By the time Friday came around, I said "Forget it, if she wants to sleep and not interact till she's able to stay awake longer, I'll deal with the lack of development that is supposed to occur during these early wake times."

In 'breaking' her, however, at this point we can't get her to go to sleep after a feeding anymore. :( Not so good for dad who does the 9 and midnight feedings).

I know there's a learning curve with babies, and I know everything's going to be OK.

...on a better note...
We also started to let her sleep through the night the last 2 nights, and that was great! Thursday night she skipped over her midnight feeding and woke up at 2 ish. Last night she ate at 10 and didn't wake back up till 5:45ish this morning.

She was still wide awake when she was done eating, so we chatted a bit. We had a successful 'morning' time with some play time on the swing. SHE DIDN'T CRY AT ALL...we just talked and observed and learned some body parts. YAY!

The week wasn't all bad, so please forgive my venting :) She also started to roll over a lot more (on to her side not all the way over) and started to like trying to nap on her side too!!

And for the sake of not being a total Debbie Downer, here's a super cute picture of her to end on a happy baby note :)
OH and for anyone that would be interested in attending - we will be dedicating Emma 9/19 during the 10 AM service at River Oak Grace in Oakdale.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Medical Industry - Charges are ridiculous!

...we got a 'This is not a bill' statement in the mail for 'baby girl boyd'.

It's for transferring Emma from Stockton to Modesto - are you ready for this? It cost $1823.62. And there are 2 charges there. I think the first is for Kaiser's attempt (but remember they didn't have the appropriate equipment to transport her), and the second for the actual transport provided by Dameron and Nurse Angela (Emma's nurse that day ;0).

we don't have to pay it, but I think it's super ridiculous that they charge that much for things...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First outfit retired

Yesterday was a sad was our last day the three of us were at home together before starting 'normal' life...ya know, when hubby's stressed about work, has other things on his mind, mom's going nuts because she's home with fussy baby all day on her own :) (OK maybe this morning was a little difficult...but I'm certainly not complaining!)

So, we tried to make the day last and special for all three of us. I dressed Emma in her first outfit she wore, the one that nurse Christine provided for her. I had realized that the preemie outfits are getting a little snug in the belly, and for sure the 2 piece outfits don't work (the have her tummy hang out), yet most newborn sizes are too big for her. There are a few carter's items that don't look like she's swimming in them, but not too many.

ANYHOW - I got a picture of Emma and daddy playing together

...super cute with the 'daddy loves me' top :)

OK, back to the title of the post here - As you will see, she's so long that her pants are a little more on the capri length size...
...and notice the close up angle here of the onsie leg hole riding high!
...girl's got plenty of other wardrobe choices, so we have officially retired her first little outfit :)

On the mind today...

I love how God speaks right to your heart, even through mass devotional emails or things that were written several years ago that you just happen to read today :)

This first one is so appropriate for us wiith Tyler back at work today

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 Email Forward to a Friend Free Newsletters Free Newsletters

Striking the Right Balance between Work and Family Life
Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg

According to national studies, the majority of America's employees believe they don't have enough time with their children, their spouses or for themselves. Yet each year, Americans spend more time working.[i]
How about you? Are you and your family having a hard time finding the right balance? Has life become so hectic that it just seems like you see your spouse coming and going? Do you have any real family time anymore? Not to mention alone time with your mate! If you're struggling to balance work, family, and all the other activities in your life -- you're not alone. Listen to this:
  • In 2004, 81% of respondents in a Work/Life Survey reported unhappiness with their work/life balance.
  • In June 2006, 80% of married couples in the U.S. were dual income earners.
  • 40% of employees work overtime or bring work home with them at least once a week.
  • 88% of employees say they have a hard time juggling work and life.[i]
Research shows that marriage takes a hit when you have kids. According to an analysis of 90 studies involving 31,000 married people, the drop in marital satisfaction after the first baby's birth is a staggering 42% larger among the current generation of parents than their predecessors. Satisfaction dips even lower -- though only slightly -- with each successive child. Studies also suggest that one-third to one-half of new-parent couples experience as much marital distress as couples already in therapy for marital difficulties.[i]
One of the major components of strengthening your marriage team is to make sure you spend enough time together. Now, we know that many of you already are coming up with a list of excuses as to why you can't find the time to spend with each other. We're here to tell you--you can. Healthy couples do not find the time to be together, they make time to be together. You may have convinced yourself that you simply don't have enough time to schedule each other into your day, but that's not accurate. You have the time to do whatever you want to do. And if you don't spend the time with your spouse, you will fill the time with something less important.
Parents need private time to continue to feel as though they are not only parents but also partners. If you are always pushing your spouse aside for time with the kids, time to finish that last load of laundry, or time to check on the progress of that work project from home -- you may want to consider what you're teaching your children. By the way you treat your spouse, are you modeling for your children how you hope they will treat their future spouses? Probably not. Spending time with your spouse not only draws the two of you closer together, but it also teaches your children that marriage has to be our number one human relationship.
God's plan for you is not exhaustion and frustration over hectic schedules and time lost with your family. God's plan for you is abundant life! John 10:10 says, "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."
We often hear from couples about the stress of their busy lives. They work full time, go to school, raise kids, serve at church, and even more -- and they wonder why their marriages are having difficulty.
If both of you are working full time or going to school full time, then it should be no surprise you're having a hard time connecting. Think about it: How many waking hours do you and your spouse have together each day? If you cannot carve out even a few minutes each day to talk and connect, then you'll be headed for trouble.
The ultimate question is: What is most important at this stage? It should be of primary importance to connect with your spouse and give your kids the security of their parents' strong marriage. If you have the option, don't have regrets over your family. You only get one chance with them. Perhaps putting off school for a season or cutting back on outside work hours will give you the time and energy you need for each other and for your family. We live with the lie that we can have it all, we can do it all, and we deserve it all. And when we try to do that, ultimately the piper must be paid, and many times it's the kids and the marriage relationship that suffer.
Maybe having one of you quit work or cut back on hours is not possible. Maybe the second income is needed. Maybe that degree is one semester away. In those cases, cutting back may end up causing more stress instead of less. In such cases, you need to make a concerted effort to have a few minutes a day just for you and your spouse. You absolutely must have at least a few minutes of alone time where you can connect. This makes your marriage a priority and gives it the preventive maintenance it needs.
You see, during this busy season of life, you need to set priorities, and your top priorities must be God, your spouse, and your kids. In that order. What you can fit in after that is up to you and your spouse. There will be plenty of time for some of those other activities in your other seasons of life. You can go to school later, but your child won't be a toddler bouncing on your knee for very long. Remember: "For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

The other things that I read and were on my heart this morning were regarding giving praise in all things...this prayer in one of the pieces hits all areas, and since I know sometimes I need helping thinking about 'what else to give praise for', I thought I would share!

Father, I praise You today for all that You have done in my life. You are faithful even when I am faithless. Your love pursues me even when I am unlovable. Your forgiveness covers my sin and frees me from its penalty. Lord, teach me to praise You. Help me to see and understand the power of praising You in my life. I want to bring You pleasure, Father. I praise You for your love and faithfulness to me. Your presence in my life changes everything, empowering me to live each moment of every day, content in knowing You are in control. As I face today, Lord, remind me that no matter what happens, I can praise You!

Will post some Emma pics as soon as I get a chance!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Thanks to my sis Connie, I found this neat site! Check it out :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Emma is growing!

So, with our anniversary on Wednesday, and the huge blessing of Tyler being off from work with us...and the fact that this week is it (sad face), and he goes back to the grind on Tuesday, Mr Tyler decided to take Emma and I to Napa for a few days!

here she is in a new little outfit we dressed her in

...and a close up ;)

Emma and I at one of my new favorite places - the Ceja tasting room downtown Napa. Seriously, if you're ever in that area, it's a must stop place!

and last night, little Emma being held by Tia Diana at Tio Chico's bday party :)
She is just so much fun :) Her eyebrows are starting to get a little brown (they'd been blond up to this point), her eyes are dark yet clear blue, she's starting to smile more and just being more observant of noises and people. This am during our 5 o'clock feeding, she was super smiley and even giggled a bit...she actually didn't fall back asleep after the 8 o'clock feeding, so it was fun to just have her be around with us watching everything, yet not being fussy or anything :)

I have found myself calling her little nick-names: Emma-Lou and Emma Lou-Lou. Tyler and I have also both been calling her baby :)

I know everyone continues to say that times goes by so quickly and to enjoy her thoroughly...this morning, after realizing how much she's grown since the first time I held her, I wanted to just hire someone to take care of the house stuff for a year so I can just sit, observe and be with Emma during this year...ok, ok, I should be satisfied enough with the fact that I am currently not working ;) I know!

...Back I go to try to organize what we have in her room, and figure out what else we need to either add to our registry (so we can get the lovely discount) or buy to make her room complete! Hope y'all are having a great weekend!!

OH - and here's a sneak peak of the photo shoot we had yesterday with Megan!
...don't be surprised if we use one like this for the birth announcements that will be going out soon! :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's our anniversary

I cannot believe it's that time of year again! Where has the time gone?! Well, I guess we can all see where this last year has gone :)

3 years ago, Tyler and I were off to the Bahamas for our wedding and fab honeymoon. We wish we could go back there every year to relive it all (OK, we're OK with just going back for the all inclusive amenities and the amazing beach!).

As we are out celebrating this anniversary with our little Emma, we leave you with a little slide show of our wedding pics.

We had such a whirlwind courtship and engagement (to most standards)...but when God makes a plan, we should certainly not get in His way, right?! :) We are so grateful to have had Him directing our relationship from the get-go, praying each step that we took, working on marriage aspects in our relationship just a month after we 'officially' started dating (going through the 'Saving your marriage before it starts' book by the Parrotts)...Thanks to all for prayers, encouragement and advice given to shape our relationship over the past 3 + years. Your continued support, encouragement and most importantly prayers, as we continue on our journey are so appreciated (and needed, of course!). Thank you to all reading this, for being a part of our lives!