Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First outfit retired

Yesterday was a sad day...it was our last day the three of us were at home together before starting 'normal' life...ya know, when hubby's stressed about work, has other things on his mind, mom's going nuts because she's home with fussy baby all day on her own :) (OK maybe this morning was a little difficult...but I'm certainly not complaining!)

So, we tried to make the day last and special for all three of us. I dressed Emma in her first outfit she wore, the one that nurse Christine provided for her. I had realized that the preemie outfits are getting a little snug in the belly, and for sure the 2 piece outfits don't work (the have her tummy hang out), yet most newborn sizes are too big for her. There are a few carter's items that don't look like she's swimming in them, but not too many.

ANYHOW - I got a picture of Emma and daddy playing together

...super cute with the 'daddy loves me' top :)

OK, back to the title of the post here - As you will see, she's so long that her pants are a little more on the capri length size...
...and notice the close up angle here of the onsie leg hole riding high!
...girl's got plenty of other wardrobe choices, so we have officially retired her first little outfit :)



Isn't it crazy how fast they grow?!
She is so cute, even in too small clothes!:)
Sorry about getting on the diaper soapbox while you had company..after I hung up, I thought, " well, that was silly!"
Love you guys!

Aunt Nell said...

super adorable! I guess its a good thing shes not fitting into premie clothes much anymore!! ;) Love the fotos of Emma and Daddy! Super cute.

Anonymous said...

awe! welp it was put to good use and glad to see it retiring, that means she is growing well! :)-Christine

NANI said...

So happy to see her cute little belly and clothes that are creeping up on her. ;)
She is so cute. Wondering how you are doing. Ty said she has been crying a lot when she is awake. :(
Sorry. Some babies just like the sound of their own voice. :)
If she is full and dry and not hurting? Then she is fine and can cry if she wants to.. it's her party. ;)
love you all.