Sunday, July 7, 2013

Photo Card

WOW has it been forever since we've posted anything...I have really struggled with time since last year about this time when Emma dropped down to 1 nap.  I really wanted to keep up with the blog, but with the pregnancy and all it entailed it just hasn't worked up to this point.  Since Estelle's come in to our lives, of course, the potential overlap of nap time that I do have I spend napping myself and therefore even less time for being here :(  

Anyhow...popping in here now as we're getting ready for Emma's 3rd bday!  Check out the fun invites below we were able to get with our pampers rewards points ;0  LOVE FREE STUFF!  They were simple to make and this mama still has time for a nap ;0

Peppy Pennants Pink Birthday
Turn favorite photos into your baby's 1st birthday invitations.
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