Sunday, July 7, 2013

Photo Card

WOW has it been forever since we've posted anything...I have really struggled with time since last year about this time when Emma dropped down to 1 nap.  I really wanted to keep up with the blog, but with the pregnancy and all it entailed it just hasn't worked up to this point.  Since Estelle's come in to our lives, of course, the potential overlap of nap time that I do have I spend napping myself and therefore even less time for being here :(  

Anyhow...popping in here now as we're getting ready for Emma's 3rd bday!  Check out the fun invites below we were able to get with our pampers rewards points ;0  LOVE FREE STUFF!  They were simple to make and this mama still has time for a nap ;0

Peppy Pennants Pink Birthday
Turn favorite photos into your baby's 1st birthday invitations.
View the entire collection of cards.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Emma and the Animals

Back in November, we had the fun opportunity to take Emma to Discovery Kingdom (aka Marine World).  It was a nice family trip, just the three (well, 4;0) of us for the day and between travels for Tyler.  We thought Emma would just enjoy seeing all the animals (and tix were FREE!)...and boy did she!

This was our first stop: sea lions...she's still doing her 'arc, arc' while clapping and referring to these guys ;0

Next up were the penguins.  Not the best pic, but I had to share because she was so worried about these little guys.  They each had tags on their arms.  She thought they were band aids and, she's so traumatized by 'pokes' from the doctor, that she thought all the penguins had 'pokes'.  She talked about that for SO LONG. Every now and then she still brings it up ;0
To me, this was one of the neatest for her because they were right in front of her! 
she doesn't know that sharks are scary yet, so not too impressed by these guys swimming right above her!
loved seeing the giraffes!  And, PS, this is her 'smile' or 'say cheese' it yeah?!
here she is saying 'roar' ;0
She loved all the animals and the whole day, but, this little girl...when we'd tell her to tell someone about our trip, all she could talk about was getting to hi-five rudolph! ;0  (she just watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer movie this year and he's her fave;0)

We don't get many pics together, so had to share this one (see, she's 'smiling' for the camera!)

We ended our day at the Dolphin Show.  We got front row seats....and didn't realize that there was a reason the front row was open!!  

We got splashed....
So sorry that I've been so slow with posting these last few months!  There are several is that I'm almost out of room on my photobucket it makes posting pics a little challenging but I don't have time to figure out what to do about it :(  Will try to keep truckin' along here, tho!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby's Debut

I'm officially 17 weeks now (at the time I'm starting this post;0)...I guess it's about time to add some pics and info on this little one!

Back in September, we got some amazingly wonderful (ly scary;0) news and we began to share it immediately.  Why wait, right?!

We figured that the Lord already knew whether we'd make it to the end or not and so the least we could do is start to get this littler person prayed up!

At our first appointment, we got to meet him/her!  AND hear the heartbeat - we were not expecting that at all.  But it was a relief to hear that all was well at that point ;0

The first trimester was not so bad (compared to my first 5 months with Emma;0), 'morning' sickness would come and go randomly and I was beat at the end of each day...and by 'end' of the day I mean 4:30/5PM so when Tyler got home I was ready to hand the reins over and go to my room ;0

Our next appointment brought us the same unexpected excitement.  We weren't expecting an ultrasound (nor was the Doc) but the monitor that lets you hear the heartbeat wasn't cooperating, so she grabbed it (ultrasound machine) and we got to hear the wonderfully fast heartbeat and see this little thing wiggle about!  here's the second photo of Baby-B

and a glimpse of the wiggles ;0

Wanted to say that we appreciate SO MUCH those of you that joined us in prayer over the first trimester.  It's definitely settling in that we have a little one that will be joining us in 4-6 months!  We made our first official purchases for it today...CRAZY!!!!