Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I asked for it!

Look what I got to do on my lunch yesterday!

looks like fun, I know!!
I had to go in to get my Vit. D levels checked and hadn't been feeling well so I emailed my Dr and told her about my symptoms, and the fact that I'd be going in if she wanted to add any other tests to be taken while i was there. Boy was I glad i was being a good patient and asked :)

So far all the test results are good. Only showing inflammation, which is obvious by my recent aches.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More graduations, birthdays and relaxing :)

So last time we shared pics from Alex's graduation and Chris' confirmation. In the last few weeks there has also been:

Robert's graduation - he is our friends Hilda & Bobby's son. He actually graduated from the same high school as Alex - so we got to share with this with both of them :)

(love that sequence of pics!) We also went to his graduation party last weekend.

My friend Cindy turned 30...and we had a way fun birthday party for her.

Scavenger hunt like we used to in HS and more :)

the sobriety check point we encountered during the scavenger hunt...but they just let us through :)

...Cindy is actually the reason we know Hilda & Bobby, as Bobby is her brother, and Hilda and I became buddies as bridesmaids in Cindy's wedding...shower & bachelorette party planning, hanging at the wedding, baby shower planning ...we (Tyler and I) get to see H&B quite often for work, as their girls are a part of a cheer program that attends lots of our events.

Cindy with her beautiful baby Dylan at Robert's grad party

...and a nice flash back photo of us in the limo on our way to John & Cindy's wedding :)

We got to celebrate Shanelle's birthday a couple of weeks ago, and that was a nice evening out :)

Coleson not enjoying being with Tyler :)

Gavin enjoying desert!
the beautiful birthday girl
Cora's din-din time

And we've also had a few hours here and there to just hang out at home. Last week (when we started this - a couple weeks now:) ), we called Indiana and caught all of Connie & Tyson's little ones hanging out with grandma. Here's Tyler talking to Cassie & Max. Wish we could have had you guys over for our BBQ that night!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Graduations and birthdays and resting at home...oh my...

I was going to say that not much has been going on around here lately...but as I started to come up with a title I realized we had been a little busy bunch. We have been thoroughly enjoying spending time at home...and we've spent some time getting out there and doing stuff with our free evenings.In the last month we've had a training that we produce each May that sucked up the rest of our May :) Followed by our nephew Alex's High School graduation (and Chris' 8th grade grad - but not enough tickets for us to go to that one).

Yes, sadly my hubby is missing from this pic - so is my sister Ann. in Turlock, they limit you to 6 tickets per graduate. My mom gave up her ticket to me, so I could go in and take pics, and Chris, Shirley, Crystal and Blair all got in by telling them that Alex lost his tickets (which he did). My mom watched and listened in just outside the gates...and since there weren't enough tickets, Tyler stayed home :(

Chris (same 8th grade grad) was confirmed at Sacred Heart this month

With Tyler hanging on to the camera, we apparently all decided we wanted our own pics with Chris :)
we all got a paleta after church :) Yummm...thanks to whoever treated!

(chris so loves pics!)
Tyler was the master on the BBQ - so proud of him :)

Oh - and my sister Diane had appendicitis and had surgery a couple of weeks ago
That's all for tonight - I'll post the last few event pics soon!