Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

A note from Beth Moore

I just got this email and it was a great reminder for me in something the Lord has continued to (have to) say to me this past year and a half 'quit trying to do so much!'.

As always, I know if it was music to my ears, it will ring true for someone else as click here to read: A Great Thanksgiving Behind Us and Our Last Living Proof Live of 2011 ahead!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Brief and Beautiful Airport Reunion

Last night, we jetted off to SFO to have a quick hello with our family we haven't seen in nearly two years...
I don't want to interrupt the photos with too many words ;0  
Some of you are anxious to see them (although you'd rather hug them for yourselves;0)...
getting some energy out between the super long flight and the upcoming long drive!
Thomas - you are a part of the photo (on the phone;0)

So grateful the Lord had them fly in so close that we could spend 45 minutes with them before they continued their journey.  Everyone looked great!  And it was so sweet to see all of their smiling faces and have such tight long hugs with each of them.  We love you Oconnors and are praying for more time together (in indy;0).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Halloween was fun this year!  Last year, Emma was nearly 3 months, and the Giants were in the World Series, so we didn't pay attention to the day much ;0  

This year, we had picked up a cutie of a costume by like the end of August, were excited when we heard about New Life's Harvest Carnival and were looking forward to sharing the day and experiences with little Em!

To kick it off, we attended the carnival.  
Isaiah didn't recognize Emma when he saw her!
....but then, we took Em's hood off, he recognized her and off they went to play some games!!

We attempted to take some pics, but man, so difficult lately!

The carnival being Friday, we had another day of fun dress-up to enjoy!
We got Em this little felt candy bag that she loves carrying around the house like a purse:), she likes it as a hat too ;0

We started out the day by heading to Ripon, since Tyler had the day off, and visited with the great-grands!  Emma bounced out of the car and was ready to go!

Then, after dinner, we headed out to a few houses around our neighborhood.

We hopped in the wagon and off we went!

My mom, Crystal and I were chatting away, and the boys were ahead pulling the wagon, so we hadn't noticed the kids had gotten in to their candy!

they each bit right in to a piece (since they know nothing about unwrapping first!)...I love how they just knew it was yummy candy without being told!

Since they didn't really know what was goign on, and it was getting dark, we decided to head home and give out the candy we'd bought.  
I think Emma enjoyed givign out candy much more than going around collecting!

Then Jayce, Ann & Jess showed up!
...and another attempt at getting a pic of the 3...

...cuties!! :)  Distracted, but still cute!

So, less than a month later (yay, time is getting shorter between real time and post time!) here is how we spent our Halloween :)  I promise to post Thanksgiving much quicker ;0

Friday, November 18, 2011

somethin' for the hubby

Tyler's gone for about 5 days, for work of course, and Emma's napping...apparently I am enjoying the fact that I don't have to make dinner and am just browsing the internet finding some fun stuff!!

A little (perhaps TMI) info on our relationship: when we were dating, I used to send Tyler an email every morning.  I would get up (early squirrely) go to the gym, have my quiet time and shoot him an email.  Sometimes short, sometimes long, but knowing that his love language is words of affirmation, I always tried to include a little somethin' something' to warm his heart :)

then we got married and the emails stopped.  I've struggled with trying to find a 'regular' way to give him little notes.  We'll write each other notes on the shower wall, leave notes around the house...i TRY to do a card or email (but that happens least often of anything).

After I stopped working, I started to include notes in his lunch.  Mainly to make sure he realized I was packing: breakfast, snack and lunch...trying to keep his tummy full so he wouldn't grab for snacks around the office if he should eat it all together (of course he was more than welcome to eat things in the order and at the time he pleased;0).

This past summer, during one of my 'internet browsing' sessions, I came across some sites that do free printables of lunchbox notes.  Sure, they're intended for kids' lunches ;0 and I hope I make this a daily thing and do that when we get there...but for now, I have fun utilizing them for Tyler!  (click here to check some out!)

SO...background to the point of the post!  I was looking around for some more printables (although I have a ton already!) maybe thanksgiving themed...and I found these!!

AND...there are 8 here - 7 days till thanksgiving; My idea with hubby gone?  Turn them in to individual jpgs and send 1 to him a day!  Aww....I know ;0 ...SO, thought I'd share the idea and maybe help someone else make their hubby smile!  (you can always print cut and hand/hide for him if he doesn't happen to be out of town!)
Download here from HAPPY HOME FAIRY blog...pretty cool stuff - check it out if you have time!

Christmas in October

SO...I had been telling my mom that I wanted to get Emma a little kitchen for Christmas.  With the floor plan of our house, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  You've seen pics of her playing in the cabinets :)  WELL...on one Saturday my mom went yard-sale-ing...look at what she found!
(here's what I found when I walked in to the kitchen;0)
Tia was teaching her how to cook :)
Jayce came over and enjoyed cooking it up with Emma

...she wanted to make her pizza 'hot' ;0

I know the title is 'Christmas in October'...and we're in November.  This was a few weeks back; I'm a little behind in sharing.  YAY for gifts!  Thanks, Tere!