Monday, November 7, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

As I was uploading this year's pics for pumpkin patch/halloween, I remembered last year's little photo shoot and was just in awe over all that these little ones have learned and how much they've grown!  It really does go by so incredibly quickly!

This year we weren't able to have a little shoot with all three kiddies ;0  BUT Emma did have herself a lil' shoot at the pumpkin patch this year, and Isaiah got a few pics of his own as well!

Here's a whole slew of photos!
First - as soon as we got there, Tia Diana gave everyone a treat...and by seeing all these photos, Tyler and I were thinking this wasn't Emma's first smoothie trip! ;0

It's getting hard to make the kids smile - at the same time - and look up!!

after everyone left, we had a little photoshoot on the grounds, with our regular little star - Ms Emma Lucia;0
...the BEST part of our day?!  It was daddy's day off - so he got to spend it with us!!
happy little family ;0

click here to see the rest - you know there are several hundred more to see;0


Cathy/Nani said...

The difference between how big they were last year and this.. .. isn't it amazing??
Talking to Charrie today.. they will be going back to Ohio on the 24th to do Christmas day with Matt's folks. ;(
we will do Christmas on Friday night I'm thinking. :)
the 23rd.
Sound ok?
Can't wait to see and be with you.

Aunt Nell said...

Love these foto ops. Your guy's kids are just adorable. Love the one of Emma on the pumpkin strutting her #1. so cute.