Friday, November 25, 2011

Brief and Beautiful Airport Reunion

Last night, we jetted off to SFO to have a quick hello with our family we haven't seen in nearly two years...
I don't want to interrupt the photos with too many words ;0  
Some of you are anxious to see them (although you'd rather hug them for yourselves;0)...
getting some energy out between the super long flight and the upcoming long drive!
Thomas - you are a part of the photo (on the phone;0)

So grateful the Lord had them fly in so close that we could spend 45 minutes with them before they continued their journey.  Everyone looked great!  And it was so sweet to see all of their smiling faces and have such tight long hugs with each of them.  We love you Oconnors and are praying for more time together (in indy;0).



thanks for posting so quickly..bittersweet looking at wish we were all there.
Praying with you!

Aunt Nell said...

So awesome God allowed it all to work out that way. Such sweet moments for them to meet lil miss Emma. Love it. Glad you all could be there to give them hugs for those of us that can't. Hope you can see them again before they head back!!!