Friday, November 4, 2011

We heart weddings!

I know that life cycles.  During/after college, you're bombarded with wedding invites of both friends and family. The invites become fewer and far between for weddings, and baby shower invites boom.  Once baby showers slow down a bit, it's all things birthdays (for all the little'ns that were born!).  Of course, every now and then you get a couple like Tyler and I who get married about 10 years after the majority of everyone, and start on the baby shower kick when most are done with it ;0...But hey, I guess we keep the fun going with invites to these fun things right when you're missing them (maybe/hopefully!).

How do I always get off on a tangent?!  This post is about WEDDINGS!

This year, we were blessed to be invited to two very special, very small weddings.  The honor was great on our behalf, to be asked to be a part of the small group of witnesses sharing in such a wonderful day.  We had the wonderful honor of attending my cousin Gera's wedding on October 1.  It was such a unique opportunity for us.  This was the second cousin that asked if we'd help out with creating their invitations.  Of course we said 'YES!!'....

They also asked us if we'd kindly take some photos throughout their day....and another ecstatic 'YES!' followed.  We are by all means NOT professional in any way shape or form.  But, I HEART WEDDINGS!  And with experience on what I wanted pics of but didn't get, what pics I treasure very much, etc...and the fact that, realistically we'd be taking pictures of everything anyway...why not, right?!

Without further the new Preciado family!

HERE THEY ARE!  First smooch ;0
DELISH cake!!  

Tyler kept noticing the groom kept falling down, so he had to get a pic of it ;0

a few bridal party shots
Groom's fam: Nelly, Veronica (sisters) Tia Mago, Gera, Tio Beto (my mom's little bro) and Tia Mago's mom:)
Thought I'd get a pic of the siblings, and here's what they were doing when I walked up ;0
my sis, Ann
her date, Jess ;0
Nelly & Hubby Raul (who painted our house!!)
Gera chatting it up with the 'rents

the Boyd fam!
Vero and her boyfriend caught the garter and bouquet!! (but she's very much a youngin' so no wedding bells in the near future!)
a lil' dancin' going on...
course, Miss Em had a mini photo-shoot for herself!
And she made a friend!!
Seriously small wedding - here's all the family from our side that was there!!
...and the lovely couple...
Gerardo & Emily Preciado!!
Congrats you two!

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Aunt Nell said...

You guys do an awesome job at all your creations. I was just looking over mine the other day and was admiring how much I LOVE them ;) Great fotos too.