Thursday, November 17, 2011


...that's 'emma' for ear. :)  Little miss emma is in the process of growing just about every tooth that her little mouth will ever hold - ok, i'm exaggerating, but it's a lot(4+?!)!  She's had a rough week and last night was awake a lot until finally at 4:45 she decided she was ready to read a book and not so much lay down anymore.  it's 9:10 and 2 (failed) nap attempts later and she's still up, but happily playing solo.  Soon enough she'll crash, I'm sure.

ANYHOW.  since my sweetie and I were up for a couple of hours hanging out in her room (so we wouldn't be loud and wake up daddy!) I was able to catch several radio programs I hadn't heard in a while!  The two I enjoyed most, I thought I would share, so here I am.  ENJOY!

Chip Ingram, Living on the Edge, God's dream for your life Part II

Greg Laurie, A New Beginning, Home before dark

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