Friday, November 18, 2011

somethin' for the hubby

Tyler's gone for about 5 days, for work of course, and Emma's napping...apparently I am enjoying the fact that I don't have to make dinner and am just browsing the internet finding some fun stuff!!

A little (perhaps TMI) info on our relationship: when we were dating, I used to send Tyler an email every morning.  I would get up (early squirrely) go to the gym, have my quiet time and shoot him an email.  Sometimes short, sometimes long, but knowing that his love language is words of affirmation, I always tried to include a little somethin' something' to warm his heart :)

then we got married and the emails stopped.  I've struggled with trying to find a 'regular' way to give him little notes.  We'll write each other notes on the shower wall, leave notes around the house...i TRY to do a card or email (but that happens least often of anything).

After I stopped working, I started to include notes in his lunch.  Mainly to make sure he realized I was packing: breakfast, snack and lunch...trying to keep his tummy full so he wouldn't grab for snacks around the office if he should eat it all together (of course he was more than welcome to eat things in the order and at the time he pleased;0).

This past summer, during one of my 'internet browsing' sessions, I came across some sites that do free printables of lunchbox notes.  Sure, they're intended for kids' lunches ;0 and I hope I make this a daily thing and do that when we get there...but for now, I have fun utilizing them for Tyler!  (click here to check some out!)

SO...background to the point of the post!  I was looking around for some more printables (although I have a ton already!) maybe thanksgiving themed...and I found these!!

AND...there are 8 here - 7 days till thanksgiving; My idea with hubby gone?  Turn them in to individual jpgs and send 1 to him a day!  Aww....I know ;0 ...SO, thought I'd share the idea and maybe help someone else make their hubby smile!  (you can always print cut and hand/hide for him if he doesn't happen to be out of town!)
Download here from HAPPY HOME FAIRY blog...pretty cool stuff - check it out if you have time!



youre adorable.:)
i love these!!!

Cathy/Nani said...

seriously cute. :)

Aunt Nell said...

Those are AWESOME. I love writing Jair notes and lil emails to encourage him as well. Loved the dressing one hahahahaha