Sunday, November 30, 2008

25 Anniversario

Anoche celebramos la fiesta de mi Tio Vidal y Tia Lupe. Cumplieron 25 anos de casados. (sorry Nelly, back to english :) ). Here are some pics from the anniversary party.

Los Novios - during their grand entrance with the mariachi.
Lita and Alex - Alex was just talking about how he never has pictures with anyone,
so I made him pose:)
A fam pic of our immediate family (those of us that made it) with my tio and tia.
Tyler (or Tee-ler as tio vidal calls him) and my mom
My tio and lita singing
...and again - they enjoy singing so they went out twice to join the mariachi
Lita - the first on the dance floor - as we watched her dancing, we realized where I get my dancing itch from;)
the happy couple again

Tia Mari, Tia Amparo, my mom and Lita

...and us :) we haven't been getting many pics together when we're out and about, so we're trying to take more ;)
one of the co-hosts, Ms Caty with her man :) What a great job you and Erica did! I bet your parents are proud - thanks for letting us be a part of it.

What a fun night! And a great milestone. They had a romantic moment when they first came in, tio vidal sang a song to my tia that talks about still loving her so much after all the years, and the kids growing up - I think that's one of the most romantic things a man can do! Sing to their woman :) Congrats on 25 years - we'll be looking forward to the celebration of your 50th in 25 more ;)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

We started off our morning by visiting my dad for a bit, then driving around to every newsstand to try to find the Black Friday ads :)

We had a Thanksgiving lunch with the Aguirre/Alvarez clan over at my sister Diane's house.
My niece Paige that I haven't seen in a very long time!!

And my lovely grandma :)

The kids table :)
My mom and Paige

Then we headed over to Unlce Mike & Aunt Kim's for a dinner gathering with the Boyd/Burton families

Aunts Kim & Kaye - looks like they're secretly chatting or commenting on something...hhhhmmm....

Grandma Boyd sitting back

Grandma Burton enjoying the luxurious massage chair -that thing is amazing!

Jared & Jessica looking through some of their pics

After a long day of eating and hanging out, we ended the night playing a little farkle :)
What a nice Thanksgiving it was - so nice to see some family that we hadn't seen in a while. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving as well!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We have some great news to share - we are soon to be home owners!!

This all just kind of happened - we were out seeing what we would be able to purchase in our 'price range' we were wanting to stay within. My friend Ginger is in Real Estate and hooked us up with a Realtor. On Monday we went out and looked at homes and FOUND ONE. It had all of our 'wish list' items; just short of being our castle;)...It is just perfect for us. While we weren't out expecting to find something, we felt that we couldn't let this one go, so we prayed about it, and placed an offer on Tuesday. Last night Ginger called to give us the news! So, now we get to do all the fun finalizing stuffs and we should close by 12/6!

It was a crazy week. We had been in prayer and asked for some help with that prayer (thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!). We wanted to be in the neighborhood and home that the Lord has selected for us, and we didn't want our excitement of how 'perfect' we felt this home was for us to get in the way of what He was telling us :) Guess this is it! YEAH :)

Thought we would share the news and a few photos!