Saturday, November 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We have some great news to share - we are soon to be home owners!!

This all just kind of happened - we were out seeing what we would be able to purchase in our 'price range' we were wanting to stay within. My friend Ginger is in Real Estate and hooked us up with a Realtor. On Monday we went out and looked at homes and FOUND ONE. It had all of our 'wish list' items; just short of being our castle;)...It is just perfect for us. While we weren't out expecting to find something, we felt that we couldn't let this one go, so we prayed about it, and placed an offer on Tuesday. Last night Ginger called to give us the news! So, now we get to do all the fun finalizing stuffs and we should close by 12/6!

It was a crazy week. We had been in prayer and asked for some help with that prayer (thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!). We wanted to be in the neighborhood and home that the Lord has selected for us, and we didn't want our excitement of how 'perfect' we felt this home was for us to get in the way of what He was telling us :) Guess this is it! YEAH :)

Thought we would share the news and a few photos!



wow. It looks amazing! Congrats!

mamaboyd said...

Tyler and Connie. I love the place. ;) Very nice....... It will be fun to come and visit. Will it have a guest room? ;) MOM