Friday, October 31, 2008

Fun Friday

So...our boss' favorite 'holiday' is Halloween, so the office was a little less serious today. And my husband also decided he wanted to decorate our office a bit, so we ran by walmart on the way to work today to pick up some webs and a few decorations.
This desire came after I asked Tyler if we could dress up together as a couple and he said NO WAY :) So, I was a little shocked, but went along with it.

He decorated our office very nicely, and it's too bad we didn't get more pictures...but here are a few.

The hallway from his office to mine...
And a few decorations we got from our ware house :) We always send out an office email to our staffers (and I did include some non staffers, so you may have received as well) so we took time out to take an office photo today. Before the whole crew got there, Heather decided to take some posed photos, pretending to be getting married to our headless friend...and I was apparently officiating the ceremony :)
And our office group photo (those of us at work today)

What a day...hey we got a minimum day out of it!
...Well, off we go to have a little family dinner :) Not sure that this is the normal tradition on Halloween, but since we are sans kiddos, and my sister's cookin' that's what we're doing :) Hope everyone has a fun and safe night!

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