Saturday, October 11, 2008

Flash back to the 80's

Last night, Tyler had an interesting experience...he got a glimpse of what it was to be like a teenage girl in the 80's (and early 90's for the hard core fans, like myself)....and experienced a concert like no other! For the first time in I'm not sure how long, I didn't feel alone - I was joined by my fellow NKOTB fans singing along to EVERY song, dancing in our seats (well...we were on our feet for the full 2 hour show, but in our seating area), and enjoying watching these guys that we were 'in love with' when we were in elementary school and early jhs :)
It was interesting to have a change of scenery in the sense that, for most of us there, the last time we were at an NKOTB concert, we were with our moms. Last night, it appeared to be many fan's 'girls night out'...and there were a few lucky ones that had our significant others with us to enjoy the show :) (Tyler's ratio was 1 man for every 60 women there).
this was a small stage that they had out directly across from our that point, I believe I was 'in awe' and was pretty much just standing there staring at them as they sang, danced, and chatted... (and commenting to Tyler on Jon's obama shirt). You can't tell in this picture, but Joey was wearing a jacket like the one he wore on the Hangin' Tough tour - with the yellow smiley face on the back. All he was missing was his hat that had the top cut off so that his curly hair could show I really remember things like that?! :)...
Yes, they did some of their very popular choreography moves...and everyone went crazy when they did.
Jordan looked a little stiff, and apparently had some 'memory' issues in performing his choreography (I'm sure not many people noticed, I just have the bad habit of critiquing choreography when I see it :)
Some of these pictures were taken from Tyler's camera...others I found online this morning. My little camera wasn't charged up, and we didn't bring the big camera since our tickets so 'no cameras'...only to find a note on the entry door stating that it was ok! But didn't track it back to the car to go get it :(...oh well, at least there are those that shared them online!

...Last but not least, a shot of Joey, who I was happy to feel would still be my 'fave' pic of the group after all these years :) ... So there you have it; our evening. I had a blast. Tyler, well, he got to see what the fuss was about many, many years ago!! And I think he kind of enjoyed himself :)

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LOVELOVELOVE the music..i didn't even know I remembered that song!!