So familiar can some of our relationships be, we forget.  We rush.  We assume.  We feel like we have forever.
And feeling like we have forever cheapens the right now feelings.
Each morning I have a routine with my man.  It’s simple.  Nothing profound.  Nothing for which we’d ever stop and snap a picture.
It’s just a moment.
He asks me to help him pick a tie.  He then goes away to fuss with this fixture of his professional job.  Soon, he returns with a flipped up collar and a pressed down, knotted tie.  He needs gentle hands to fold the collar over.  No, he doesn’t need.  He wants gentle hands to fold the collar over.
And I do.
It’s just a moment.
But it’s something I would miss with the deepest ache imaginable if today was the last of the moments.
If today.
Tears slip as I think about this.  Dear God, help me think about this.  Let me snap a hundred of these moments with the lens of my heart to be stored and appreciated and thought of as the great treasure they are.
Let my mind park there.
Let my heart relish there.
Let my mouth dare to whisper what a joy this is.  “I love you.  I love us.  I love this moment each day.”
No, our relationship isn’t perfect.  No relationship is.  We’re two very strong willed people with vastly different approaches to life.  And oh how easy it would be to list out all the differences. He likes the towel hanging in the same spot.  I am more creative. But I stop the list here.
I stop because great love isn’t two people finding the perfect match in one another.
Great love is two people making the choice to be a match.
A decision.
To fold his collar and snap the heart lens and find myself grateful to the point of tears.
Tears of relishing today are so much better than tears of what was missed.
It’s just a moment.
Or is it?