Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Multifaceted video

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a link to a video that I found through a blog.  It was titled "Mr and Mrs Betterhalf".  I just had a chance to watch part iv.  It really spoke to me on so many levels, and as much as I'm trying to sit and focus on what God's trying to tell me through things FIRST...then move on to possibly sharing - this vid is crying out, "SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!".  It truly is multifaceted, and I pray that you make time to watch this and share it further.  

Click here for the vid.

So, our blog went from sharing stuffs and pics about Tyler-and-connie-land, to sharing our pregnancy to being a 'frame by frame' of Emma's growth and our family journey - literally through a gagillion photos! - to lots of sharing and words from me.  Well, in comparison to the number of photos being posted.  I'm still a little numbed by the loss of pics.  We are going to send the hard-drive in for (hopeful) data recovery.  If they can find anything there, we may be coughing up portions of cash to the tune of $2500 (depending on what is salvaged).  My mom and sister Diane are pretty heart broken by this as well, since they were relying on our photos as much as we were...so it's really because of their persistence (and willingness to pitch in) that we're taking this next step.  Hopefully Tyler will get a chance to send it off this week and we'll know soon if anything is able to be recovered.  

In the mean while, I have only picked up the camera...twice?  But have so incredibly enjoyed just looking at my precious Emma ;)  I'm actually OK if I never see any of those pics again.  and I'm enjoying the 'live in the moment - it won't come back again' attitude.  Eventually I'm sure I'll get around to just putting the pics we do have on photobucket, and I'll begin to post some again.  But until then, you'll have just me and what's going on in my little mind.

Another read that's inspiring and I'm excited to be checking out each day this week is on Lysa TerKeurst's blog.  From this link, as you read follow the links she's posted (for background and to get you caught up to speed).  I feel like I'm at 'ground zero' and ready to move so this was exciting to catch this am. 

God's been speaking to me in a way I've never heard before.  I love it.  Prayers are getting answered left and right, and it's exciting.  For now, please join me in prayer over some opportunities I believe God's presenting.  Opportunities to boldly share His message, provide guidance and share His promises with both new believers as well as soon to be believers :)  So exciting.  I'm in awe at seeing His hand over so much around us and all the tugs going on...and paths that have had some road work being laid down for some time and finally coming to a crossing point with opportunities.

Have a great week!


Cathy/Nani said...

Connie.. do you know how very much I LOVE your ramblings.. that I am so encouraged by the things you send our way and that I am learning/relearning along with you.
Thanks for sharing.... REALLY. :)
LOVE YOU.. Love Emma.. Love Ty.
Love.. mom.

Cathy/Nani said...

I have been listening to all the Mr. and Mrs. Betterhalf sermons.. they are ALL really great. I love how he takes things in the Word and brings a new a different/fresh perspective.
GOOD... very good. We have friends who attend his church in NC.