Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am just continuing to have the Lord answer my prayers and I'm amazed at the things I'd consider 'little' that He is using to say, "See Connie, just ask".  

Lord, you are amazing!!

And since I have a few minutes, I thought I would share a 'little' thing I experienced yesterday. 

Tyler and I are out of town.  He's working (24/7) and I'm 3 minutes away at my cousin's place.  I have been going to the hotel in the am from about 7-8, then head back for Emma's AM nap.  WELL.  We have a GPS, and Tyler commented on the way here, "we need to update it", but I didn't think much of the comment.  We just got it about a year and a half ago - how much could have changed?! :)

My 3 minute drive that I mentioned above turned in to 15 minutes, each way, my first time to where I'm staying and back to the hotel.  Frustrating.

That first morning visit with Tyler wasn't as nice as I'd planned.  I was a big fat grump (not just because of that, I also didn't sleep well, was achy due to lack of sleep, had issues the night prior...whine, whine, whine;0).  I got in the car and just started to pray.  I told God he'd be my GPS and would get me to where I needed to go!  And if that meant not making some of the visits I'd lined up, then OK - I'm up for whatever God had in store for us this weekend.  I was here to see those He was lining up for me to see, have conversations He wanted me to have, and go where He leads.

And just as prayer always lifts my spirits, I began to feel my insides smile, apologized to Tyler via text (since he was working) and once I got Emma down for a nap, I had an amazing quiet time.  

RAMBLE WITHIN A RAMBLE: Lets just say that the 'lesson' in my homework that I did that morning was a nice swift slap to get my out of my 'poor me' attitude.  Word by word.  I had just been around people from JAMZ.  I was grumpy, hiding behind a hat, in a corner, and yet I expected everyone to see me and approach me (tell me they've missed me;0).  How selfish, huh?  My homework literally had these scenarios to ponder:

  • someone doesn't make eye contact with you.  instead of feeling compassion for them that they might be having a bad day, you think they're rude and tell yourself they don't like you
  • no one initiates conversation with you.  the idea that you should make the effort to do the same just never occurs to you
I didn't realize how 'all about me' my attitude usually is.  I was literally thinking these things while I was there!  And yes, the idea I should make eye contact, approach people or initiate conversation NEVER occurred to me.  Not sure why I felt didn't need to make any effort!  SO...every time I've gone back since then, let me tell you how much better my visits with people are!  What a difference not putting yourself first makes ;)  

BACK TO MY 'LITTLE' finalizing plans with a couple of my girlfriends, guess what they did?  They both said they'd text me directions!  OK so some of you are thinking, "um, great?!"...but think about it.  This is the day and age where people text you an address for you to find your own directions.  Then we type info in to our GPS or snazzy phones (with internet and mapping software) and you're good to go.  They had no idea my GPS isn't updated, nor that I don't pay for internet capabilities on my phone!!  Then, I was able to get on to this wireless connection, got on to google maps and wrote out thorough directions for the remainder of my drives.  

Just made this little heart smile.  And love Jesus for having my friends decide to go the extra mile, without knowing I would need the assistance to get to them.  I must tell them today how God used them.  I hope it makes them smile too :)

OK enough rambling for now.  Took some ADORABLE pics of Emma yesterday to mark her 10month special day!  Will post them next week (hopefully).  Have a great weekend!


Cathy/Nani said...

Just got the Les Parrott book.. 3 Seconds.. the power of thinking twice.
Looks really good.
Kind of the same thing.. stopping to evaluate whether or not your thinking is right before you speak/act.
Although.. there are too many times i am too into myself to think twice.
but true.
Good thoughts and glad to see that God is working in and through you and that you are so teachable.Just how HE wants you.
;) really.
Praying that I will be as teachable as you.

Melanie said...

This is a beautiful reminder to my heart today! Thank you.

Many blessings,