Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today's Focus (...on the family;0)

Yes, my days were a little off in 'scheduling' my posts.  Oh well.  So you had a Wednesday on a Tuesday :)  ...Emma gave me a little blessing that I'm grateful for today - she slept in ;0  She woke up st before 7 (usually up at 6).  Focus on the Family plays at 7, so I decided to feed her in the rocking chair, relax and listen in.  Today they had Kathi Lipp, who has been at our church for MOPS and Women's Brunches, so I'm familiar with her and was excited to hear her speak.

I thought it would be a great listen for wives, so of course I wanted to share!  

Click here to listen to today's broadcast.

My thoughts ;0
Isn't it crazy that, some of us, need these 'reminders' of little and simple things to do for our let them know we care about them, appreciate them and are just simply crazy about them?! :)  Makes me sad to think of the things that I used to do for Tyler during our (very short) dating season :)  And sometimes that I can't even remember the last time I did one of them.

Early on in our relationship, we shared about our 'love language(s)'.  I (embarrassingly) admitted that I felt I was a little of all 5!  Wow, and I wondered why my girlfriends recently called me high maintenance - ha! 

Tyler shared that he was words of affirmation.  I would send him an email every morning after my quiet time and share an encouraging verse I came across, or some affirmation statement, etc.  Obviously, it was very easy to let that go as soon as we were married and living together.  I think about it sometimes and tell myself, "as soon as i get on the computer I'm going to send him an encouraging email like I used to!"...sometimes I do, sometimes I forget.  I've tried notes in his bags when he travels (of course, more recently now that we travel separately)...and I think ONCE I've sent him an ecard just because.  

A couple of nights ago, after a rough day at the office, I asked if I could make him something for desert...he chose brownies.  We were out of eggs, so I said, "bummer, we don't have eggs, I'm sorry." As I was putting the mix away and heading for the bowl next I thought to myself, "If it were the other way around, Tyler would go to the store to get eggs to make them!"  I know this because he's done it...more than once!  Although it was just about 7 and I was not dressed to go out, I threw a hat on and decided not to care about what I was wearing and I headed to the store.

Now, I'm not trying to say, "look at me, look at me!  And the wonderful wifely things I do for my hubby."  Sisters, please;0  I'm so in need of constant reminders (and prayers!) of how I can be a good or better wife.  Just thought I would share some things with you and see if you might also share some things with me on what things you do for your hubby!  They may inspire and give me new ideas of what I can do next :)  Please leave a comment, I'd love to have new ways of blessing my hubby and making him feel loved and appreciated.

Hope you enjoy the listen and have a great day!

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Cathy/Nani said...

Listened. :) and now need to listen again.with less interruptions.. maybe even order the book for the library. ??? :)
Thanks again.