Monday, June 13, 2011

Catching up with me ;0

I guess I took a little blog break ;0  With the traveling, then trying to get settled back at home...ahh...just needed to catch up at home for myself before I could get back on the computer!  

Like I had shared in the previous post below, Emma and I joined Tyler in Valencia where he was working for 5 days.  We thought we'd jump on the fact that I have some friends and family in So Cal that I could spend some time with, as well as see everyone from work that I hadn't seen in a while.  Some I hadn't seen since last year when I was a part of the working crew ;0

My cousin graciously allowed Emma and I stay at his home, which is what made it all come together.  We couldn't really afford to drop the cash on a room for 5 nights.  I had dinner with one of my dearest friends, Nicole and one of my new friends, Mary who I recently met in Cabo...she and I were bridesmaids for Nicole. (Cabo post here)  I also got to visit with another friend forever, Dawn (more about her here) and back to Nicole's house to just sit and hang for a while.  We weren't able to go out and visit beyond that, because Emma was exhausted with the traveling every day.  We also got to see all the JAMZ peeps every morning for breakfast, which was a sweet, sweet deal.  

The lesson the Lord had for me while I was there really hit home and has had a huge effect on me.  It's really changed how I approach things all together.  My lesson was absolutely perfect for interacting with everyone at JAMZ both during that weekend, and now that we're back.  Sadly, it was also how I approached people and situations in life for as long as I can remember.  It's been great to approach every day with this new attitude, and I just love it!  For so long now, I've been sitting back waiting to be approached for: coffee, hanging out, play dates, etc.  I would sometimes throw it out there but would take it personal when things didn't come together.  Hate being that transparent because I don't want anyone to feel bad.  It was just where I was, so sorry I was so sensitive!  But, since then (you know, a whole week ago) it's been absolutely freeing to move forward, step out and approach!  And I have so many people that I have yet to call or contact...but I'm looking forward to doing it.  

It's been freeing to change it up ;)

The new outlook on things really enabled me to enjoy my time around everyone JAMZ.  For the past year, I felt that people from JAMZ should be reaching out to me because I was the one that left.  They should be telling me they missed me ;0...or whatever.  But after my quiet time that Friday morning, it all clicked and everything made sense to me.  I felt peace and joy.  I loved be there, seeing everyone, being around...and had no itch at all to be working ;0  I sincerely embraced everyone, engaged in conversation and thoroughly enjoyed approaching everyone myself.  Yep, I didn't sit back and wait on others.  Sometimes I was approached while I was chatting with someone, but it was a welcomed interruption - and not expected at all.

And that's where I am now.  Starting the summer up, getting ready for some new daily activities with my precious daughter...and yes, I have started to snap pictures here and there...SO, while at this time it's nap time (gotta take advantage of Emma being down and go for one myself), I WILL post some pics of her soon!  

Thanks for the encouragement from my friend Casey to "blog about 'it'" ;0...and for everyone that has been telling me lately that you enjoy checking out the blog when you can - whether it's words or pics.  I know my primary audience is 3-4 ladies that I love ;0 ...but it's nice to know there's more of you out there that just don't comment.  Feel free to!  Don't be shy...even if it's just to say hey.  

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Cathy/Nani said...

REady for the pictures, but rejoicing with you too. :) YEAH. :)
I recall a time a while back....when Den and I were upset about just going home after church, not being asked anywhere, not feeling "loved"
but then we asked each other what we were doing to be with people... the answer was "nothing". So we started reaching out and once again.. same result. :) JOY. from making the effort and being with folks.. who cares where, or who started it. :)