Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sunshine and warm skies in December

AAAAAhhhhhhhh...what a wonderful weekend Tyler and I had!!  We had a brief 4-day get-a-way to Cabo this past weekend.  Not cause that's how we roll or anything :)  But because a sweet friend of mine from college got married, and I was honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid!!  So, we had to go.  We thought long and hard on what to do with Emma.  We were planning on taking her with us up until a couple of weeks ago.  We'd gotten her passport and everything:)  But in the end, we decided to leave her behind with my mom.  And sister Diana :)  
So, we started our trip wanting to take Emma with us!!  Seriously...Tyler was packing her in his carry on :)

She fit!  And she quite enjoyed it :)...but yeah, we figured that once it was on wheels she wouldn't be so comfy :)
...so it was hard, but we left.  We arrived in Cabo about 4 ish, I believe, and off we went to the resort.  Here was our balcony. 
 ...and it was an all-inclusive resort, so here was the bar area :)
 ...and there was always a 6-pack of XX in the fridge :) - I think it was their water on the premises because everywhere you went there was XX!
 the first night was cocktails at 9 :)  So here are Tyler and I getting ready to meet up with the crew!  (See Nicole, I was a good bridesmaid and hung the itinerary on the mirror so I can always know where and when I needed to be somewhere!!)
 Meet Ozzie - the groom.  He's a hoot.  Seriously, he's a super genuine guy, very polite, very nice, and pretty funny :) 
 Meet Nicole.  She and I met at Stanny back in '97.  Although we didn't hit it off as best buds right away (you know, girls can be girls!) she's actually the only person from college that I keep in contact with.  She's a super sweet and loyal girlfriend :) 
 ...yay, a pic of Tyler and I.  We haven't had too many photos of the two of us together, so lately I've been asking for someone to take them wherever we are!
 Ozzie dancing with his sister.  Umm...he has twin sis' so I'm not sure which this was.  They were both equally beautiful and sweet girls!
 The inside of the hotel - lobby
 it was weird to think Christmas when you're wearing a bathing suit and it's warm! 
 On Friday we were able to enjoy the sun a bit since the only thing on the itinerary was the rehearsal and dinner.

 Mary, one of my fellow bridesmaids :)
 gorgeous sunset!
 The bridal party.  The guys...not really being 'on' until the ceremony started :)

 OK, Nicole looked absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure I'll find the perfect shot of her before finishing this post. but I wanted to show the gorgeous veil too!
 Their daughter Marley who is so adorable!  Tyler kept looking at her saying, "this is what Emma's going to look like!"
 ...for anyone that's been a bridesmaid, I'm sure you can relate!  The shoes we wore were darling.  They went perfectly with the color scheme and were cute strappy for a beach /warm wedding.  HOWEVER...we were in them for about 5 hours since we did a lot of photos before the ceremony.  SO by the time the ceremony was starting we were ready to change in to our flip flops and never see them again :)  We decided to do the 'shoe toss' and toss them in to the ocean.
 we realized afterwards, when the lifeguard came out that it probably wasn't the best idea to pollute the ocean with our shoes.  so he got them all out :)

 Melissa, the maid of honor

 us girls dancing...mine aren't the only arms up! :)
Mike and Melissa....does he look familiar to anyone?! :)

and to end the night at oh about 2:30 am, we were still up for smiling for the camera!!

So there was a our fabulous weekend.  Sad to say that it wasn't a happy ending for all of the guests there, but we don't know the full story, so I don't want to say more than that.  We were so thrilled that God made it possible for us to attend!  It was a blessing to be able to see my great friend Nicole wed a wonderful man.  

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