Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas feels like it came so quickly, and it's already in the past :( ...We started off with decorating our tree and house about 3 weeks ago, wrapping gifts, making some treats and deciding how we'd share Christ with others throughout the month.
...then...BAM, celebration #1 - Boyd's Christmas last Sunday... 

 had to get a few shots to fit Grandma Boyd in with all of her great-grands :)
...and Brandon was the lucky one to hold Ms Emma!
 Ryan and Tyler and Dylan and Emma doing some kind of karate fighting :)

 isn't this a nice photo of the lovely couple?:)  We very much enjoy our time with Aunt Kim & Uncle Mike :)
 Before we headed home, Emma rode the horse!!
 We went on a trip to the mall to have Isaiah take some pics with santa...Emma watched from the outside :) you can see he wasn't too terribly interested :)
The Aguirre fam celebrates on Christmas allow for everyone to do their own thing on Christmas day, so we got to host again :)
 Paige, Shirley and Crystal listening to Tyler read about Jesus' birth to start off the evening.

 Teremama got a mug with her FAVE picture on it of the Calabasas :)
this is the photo on the mug:
 why 'calabasas'?  In Spanish, it's pumpkins.  ever since the halloween photo shoot we did with the pumpkin, the kids have had the nickname of calabasas :)
Isaiah's fave gift was this ball!
 As you may have seen on the video, Emma really liked tearing the wrapping paper :)

Christmas day, we were able to skype with the fam in Indiana.  It was so nice!  We got to feel like we were sitting in the living room with them opening gifts :)

 We got silly and too tons of pics of Emma by the tree :)

If there is one thing we're the most grateful for is the gift of little Emma that we were blessed with this year.  We just can't get enough of her!!  

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