Thursday, December 30, 2010

FINALLY my friend Melis used to say :)  After all the planning and waiting and changing directions, Ms Emma's room is finally D-O-N-E!  So excited!  Not that it's all that, but with how much time I spend in there, it was driving me a little nutty seeing it 'almost done' for so long!!

yes, I'm a background story girl, so you will NOT just simply be seeing pics of the room.  I will talk you through it :) 

So, I had found the 'perfect' bedding early on in the pregnancy, but the price tag scared me away :)  After serious hours of online searching (hey, I was working only part time!) I decided that I just couldn't find anything else that I liked better...too many animal themed sets, which I'm not to crazy about.  Marty had given me some great ideas on how to 'boy it up' if that's what came, but now that we know Emma is a she, I was thrilled to be able to do 'up' the purple and have this bedding!  

Like I said, it was pricey, SO I was waiting for our 'completion' coupon from Babies R Us to be able to at least get it a little cheaper, then Marty was going to get the set for us as our gift, and she brought to my attention that it was 'not available' was on back order for 3 months, and it continued to get pushed back (the ETA date), so I decided to give up on it.  I was super sad :(

HOWEVER, the Friday before I was baptized, I was at our pastor's house going over the meaning and basis for baptism...and since they were preparing for their move to Ohio, they were having a garage sale...AND I found a purple and white bedding set for $10 :)

Since we moved Emma in to her room 1 week after she came home, and her crib a couple of weeks after that, it had been our 'for now' bedding :)  BUT I loved the simplicity of it, just a gingham print, purple and white only.  Nice and plain, which I love!

so you'd think we would have been done by now, right?!  Well, then we had to wait for all of the pieces to fall in to place, and our creative little minds to come up with low costing ways of decorating :) it is! can barely notice the blanket over the crib and the quilt on the glider...(handmade) gifts from Grandma Burton...they help tie the room together nicely!

this casting is something we purchased at an auction 2 years ago.  We'd been waiting to get pregnant and be able to use the gift certificate for it!  We had Tyler's hand on the side of my belly for it to be able to capture all three of us (thank you for the idea Mr Michael Mendonca!).  

 We had this casting done just 3 days before my water broke!  Since I never got belly pics, it's the ONLY reminder of my belly, just less than a week before Emma was born (can you tell how thrilled I am about it and the timing?! :) )
 So this is her ballerina wall :)  Like I said, not too excited about all the typical baby room stuffs.  I decided on purple ballerina as the primaries...there's a rug under the crib that brings in pink and other colors (so we're not just a purple melting pot!)
 Everything I found online to purchase for wall hangings was seriously at the least $50, but the ones I liked were more along the lines of $150...cracks me up, I'm always about getting the cheapest things and when it came to baby stuff I seem to be going for the pricier ones!  ANYWAY, I must have felt rested last week because my mind finally worked and thought "IDEA" get images off the internet and change the colors to purple...and print them at home!  Tyler had gotten these black vinyl frames, so it all worked perfect!

Got the pointe shoes on ebay for super cheap, and the tutu is the one my sister Diane made for Emma's shower decor
 and what she wore home from the hospital!  

...back to the room...
 While what goes on the shelves I'm sure will work itself out in time, the verse underneath was something we'd picked out basically as soon as we got passed the 12 week mark and were excited to know we'd be welcoming a precious gift from God after much, MUCH, prayer :)

 and since I described the bedding so, here's a close up :) there you have it!  You'll have to bare with how much of a big deal it is to me that it's done.  It makes me smile :) more thing off my to-do list!! 


NANI said...

It is SO very perfect. :)
So glad that you got the time to finally finish it up. ;)
I know the feeling that something finally finished and DONE well can give. :)
Very cute place for Emma to sleep and someday play.


oh connie. It is so totally perfect!
I LOVE it!
She will love it too, i just know it!:)