Friday, December 17, 2010

Shirley & Jessica's Birthdays

We've celebrated a few birthdays in the past few weeks here, but we'll start with Shirley's since it was first!

We took family photos not too long ago, and went to lunch afterwards, since it was such hard work ;)  That evening, Ms Shurl was having one of her 3 celebrations for her 25th bday, so we were all teasing her a bit about celebrating at the turn of every corner. 

 ...and at Casuelas (where we went) they embarrass you a bit on your bday, so at the end of our meal, the server asks something like, "was everything OK" and someone responded something like "ask the birthday girl" they said enough to have them ask, "Is there a birthday here today?  Who's birthday is it?"

...a bday song later, here's Shirley all smiles :) (and yes, totally sarcastic, she was not a happy camper) ...

 ...then the actual family celebration was over at our house. 
Menu: pupusas
the cook by the chile verde
 Crystal, trying to get a little credit :)
Manina (Shirley's grandma) making the actual pupusa part
Chris making his own

the final  product
 So it is a cheese and sour cream filled tortilla topped with sour cream, 
chile verde, shredded cabbage and carrots.
The whole gang was here, Isaiah
 Jayce having his own dinner
 Emma got dressed up to try to get attention over the bday girl ;)

this past weekend we celebrated Jessica's birthday over at Ann's...
Isaiah was dancing with Teremama
 Tia Ann was holding both the kiddos

 Paige is always ready to smile for the camera!

...Ms Emma decided to have nap time during the whole party, but not before I snapped a picture of her ;)

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double chin girl! GO Emma!!
I wish we could party with you all...