Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby's Debut

I'm officially 17 weeks now (at the time I'm starting this post;0)...I guess it's about time to add some pics and info on this little one!

Back in September, we got some amazingly wonderful (ly scary;0) news and we began to share it immediately.  Why wait, right?!

We figured that the Lord already knew whether we'd make it to the end or not and so the least we could do is start to get this littler person prayed up!

At our first appointment, we got to meet him/her!  AND hear the heartbeat - we were not expecting that at all.  But it was a relief to hear that all was well at that point ;0

The first trimester was not so bad (compared to my first 5 months with Emma;0), 'morning' sickness would come and go randomly and I was beat at the end of each day...and by 'end' of the day I mean 4:30/5PM so when Tyler got home I was ready to hand the reins over and go to my room ;0

Our next appointment brought us the same unexpected excitement.  We weren't expecting an ultrasound (nor was the Doc) but the monitor that lets you hear the heartbeat wasn't cooperating, so she grabbed it (ultrasound machine) and we got to hear the wonderfully fast heartbeat and see this little thing wiggle about!  here's the second photo of Baby-B

and a glimpse of the wiggles ;0

Wanted to say that we appreciate SO MUCH those of you that joined us in prayer over the first trimester.  It's definitely settling in that we have a little one that will be joining us in 4-6 months!  We made our first official purchases for it today...CRAZY!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Although Emma's done the Tinkerbell thing before, that was for a bday party and not for Halloween...that and she LOVES tink, and it was only $6 at once upon a child (yay!)  While she's still a little too young to get much about Halloween, she did have herself a fun time this year.

Here she is all dressed up and NOT thrilled at all about it ;)  Off we were to the church's harvest carnival!
...but once we got there, and she saw the 'jumpy jumpy'...she was READY TO GO!
she played games with her Papa 
and went down the slide together a few times ;0

Jessica brought over some pumpkins to carve for the kids and Tyler went at it!
amazing! (too bad someone stole it on halloween night :0)
After the carnival night she had it down, but thought we were going to go play more games, ride more slides, etc to get more candy :)
Caden the cow came to grab some goodies with us too!
and Isaiah and my sister...oh my :)
the kids had so much fun!

Monday, December 10, 2012

I heart weddings

Meet some of our dear friends we've met through JAMZ

My girl, Kimmy, whom you've met here before.  We first met through JAMZ I guess 15 yearsish ago and we were instant buddies.  Before we knew it, we were BFFs and have remained so ;0
Mike & Arie.  Micheal was hired at the JAMZ office about 9ish years ago.  We were buddies, developed a little love-hate relationship (sorry Micheal, my opinion, i know!) but I'm glad that before my time was over in the office, we really got to a place where we loved and appreciated and respected one another.  I love our inside jokes and great memories we've shared over the years. 

Arie is this beauty inside & out and an extremely talented dancer (that I would admire and be jealous of when she was on stage).  They are now a happy little family with a little man named Gavin that's about 20 mos - that we haven't seen since his bday!!-  Tyler and I heart these two ;0

Mario and Kelvin.  Oh these two boys.  Kelvin started with JAMZ shortly after I did and is just a hoot.  Everything is happy and great with him.  Mario is something else;0  I didn't really get to know him until we were on a 13 day JAMZ Hawaii adventure where we had not choice but to be nice and become friends ;0  And for that, I'm glad.  He's my brotha from anotha motha - and please tell your mama I said hello, btw, if you're reading!  Tyler and I must come visit you guys soon;0 -

A shot of the girls.  You've met everyone here but Julie, who is on my left.  I have too many words for to keep it short, she was my boss for 13 years, but most importantly my friend, sister and confidant during those years...and it was such a treat to get to spend an evening with her
Kimmy & her hubby Adam ;0  our view of them at our table
the amazing house up on a hill in Murphy's...
my handsome hub and I ;0 the gorgeous sunset
Heather Bee, sister of the bride and someone also very special to me.  She and Mike (from above) were hired at the same time, and I got to choose heather to be my right hand woman and we worked side by side the rest of my days there ;0  I got to train her in a lot of my areas as we'd pass around the jobs :)  But mostly I enjoyed sharing an office with her, getting to know her better.  How sweet she is with her dad (since I got to listen in on phone calls;0), how her mind thinks.  She also (along with her sis coming up below) helped me when I was going through my divorce and taught me to be a strong, confident and independent woman.  Mouthful, but really, I appreciate the nights and days we spent together and everything that she shared with me to bring me to a place where I could be myself no matter who, what, when, where and why. 
...and the Bride, Ms Hollie...she too was a part of the 13 day JAMZ Hawaiian adventure where she and I roomed together the whole time and divulged every inch of our souls to one another making us dear friends.  She's just as strong and independent as her sister and her influence during the same time frame was also a huge help for me.  She's a phenomenal dancer (her sis too!), and such a kind hearted and genuine individual.  Love her!
OH YEAH, the post title is WEDDING...what we were all gathered for ;0  Here is Hollie and her man Brian (who I picked for her hub the night we met him!;0)

...and the start of their happily ever after!!!
**Of course, they are all 'our' friends now; I just happen to be having my own moments while telling you about everyone today;0**

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family time

This past weekend I went to clear my memory card on our little camera before heading out to Discovery Kingdom for a little day trip (pics to be shared later) and to my surprise, there were so many pictures I had not yet transferred!  Including these fun ones from Thomas & Steph's visit this summer.  Well, August/September.

My goal is to share a few of the fun times we've had since then and get you up to date.  Hub is gone for about 12 days followed by a vaca for just us then vaca from work for him...SO lots of time coming my way to do just about...nothing...or whatever I want ;0 YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

OK here we go really quickly!!  The kiddos had a fun time playing out in the dirt @ Nani & Popi's, Matt & Charrie's house;0
the guys had an itch to climb the dirt mountain...just to do it mostly (i think) and also to see the view from way up there...
...they said it was beautiful.  

We had the opportunity to go to dinner without the kids and Nani & Popi got a fun opportunity to watch Caden, Emma & Justin - and try to put C&E to bed...neither of which were asleep when we got home - it wasn't a successful attempt at having the kids go to bed to say the least ;0

It was such a treat to have Justin, Steph & Thomas stay with us!  
for the most part ;0, the kids had a great time having each other around all day
As some of you know, however, Emma does like her own sometimes, it wasn't so happy ;0
I just loved this shot of them all cuddling together ;0 

Sweet times, sweet memories.  Love you and miss you guys!