Friday, August 29, 2008

Looking back...

We can hardly believe that, in just a few days, it will be one full year since the most amazing day...our experience was quite unreal. Being away in the Bahamas without anyone else around. It would have been nice to have family and friends to witness the event, but it truly was unforgettable having it be just the two of us...and of course we enjoyed the reception back at Mr Joe's with all that were able to attend! In our time of reflection, we thought we'd post some of our favorite wedding and reception photos to share!

our first dance - on the beach, right where we were married while some sunbathers were off to the side (that we didn't notice one bit, just heard their cheers on the video). Dancing to Etta James' At Last....

This one is our all-time favorite. This photo was taken after the champagne toast, cake cutting...we were just hugging each other and the photographer asked us to look at him :)

This pic cracks me up - Tyler striking a pose. We had to be in the Bahamas for 2 full days in order for them to marry us...Uncle Jim had talked about the Anna Nicole Smith grave site, so we took a little tour one day and the church in Tyler's background is the church where they held her services.

And here I am pretending to play the steel drums:) I wasn't allowed to actually touch the drum, so really just posing for the pic.

And of course...our families joining us at the reception

What an amazing year this has been! We look forward to sharing the happenings in our world with everyone here on this site! Stay tuned for the next time :)