Monday, December 15, 2008

Proyecto De La Casa - It's movin' along!

VIEW OUR NEW HOUSE ON GOOGLE STREET VIEW (one with the van in the driveway)

Connie: What a crazy week it has been!! In the last 10 days, since we've gotten the keys, we have been over to the house every weeknight after work trying to clean and prep as quickly as we could so that the painting could commence on Friday! Now we're trying to get the painting all done so that we can have the carpets installed this week. Here are some pics of what the past week has looked like :)

The cleaners:

Tyler: Wow...I have to say that we took this picture for my mom, so that there would be proof that my dad was cleaning the floor! As you can see, I'm also in the background scrubbing down the walls. This was quite the project!

Tyler: Here are the real cleaners. They have been working tirelessly on cleaning all the little nooks and cranny's...(who would have thunk that we own crannys) anyway...they've been cleaning everywhere!

Oh...did I mention there is a pool!!?

BrownCactus GreenPurple

Connie: The paint sampling on the walls (which tyler and i shared with each other lastnight that we weren't quite sure we were going to like the colors, but for some reason niether one of us said anything about it! i thought that was too funny):

Tyler: Here is the newly updated dining area. Talk about bold! Connie is a lover of purple, so we needed to include this in our color scheme. Here is the finished wall. You really should see it in person cause it looks great! (I mean gotta come and see us...we'll have you over!)

Tyler: In our bedroom we did the same thing. We painted the back wall to highlight our bold purple color choice. Then on the opposing wall, which is actually in the bathroom of the master bedroom, we painted it purple too!\

Oh...did I mention there is a pool!!?

The living room is done as well. Sorry for the variant in color, the cameras are different, and the lighting wasn't that good. But one of those is the best match for the brown color. Again, you should just come and see it with your own eyes. :) We would love to have you.

Oh...did I mention there is a pool!!?

The cactus green looks really good too! Overall, we really like the colors we chose. (As you can tell!)

Oh...did I mention there is a pool!!?

Ha...sorry...We are just really excited about this place. All-in-All is pretty much our dream home. We actually could live here quite comfortably for the rest of our lives. :)

Well, thank you for taking the tour. Right now the carpets are going in and it looks awesome! We will get more pictures up once that is all finished! As for now, we are packing and getting things ready to go over. :) Talk to you all soon!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Got 'em!

We got our keys on Friday! YAY! Since we worked out of town on Saturday - today was our first day to start working on it. Stay tuned for pictures of it coming along!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Poll Time

OK, the day is rapidly approaching - for us to get our keys (YAY!). We have selected our paint colors, and now we're trying to nail down our carpet. What do we think:

Photo 1 - carpet against paint colors

Photo 2 - carpet against our couches

Photo 3 - a rug that I think would tie in all the colors very well ;) ... but it's not a 'need' so, chances are we wouldn't be making that a high priority purchase :)

So, what's the opinion? I know we won't have the couches for ever, but they should hold up for a pretty long time - and since it's our first time doing something like selecting carpet we thought we'd get some opinions on the color - so hopefully you're able to see it well. - are we over thinking?! :) probably; we both tend to do that.