Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Poll Time

OK, the day is rapidly approaching - for us to get our keys (YAY!). We have selected our paint colors, and now we're trying to nail down our carpet. What do we think:

Photo 1 - carpet against paint colors

Photo 2 - carpet against our couches

Photo 3 - a rug that I think would tie in all the colors very well ;) ... but it's not a 'need' so, chances are we wouldn't be making that a high priority purchase :)

So, what's the opinion? I know we won't have the couches for ever, but they should hold up for a pretty long time - and since it's our first time doing something like selecting carpet we thought we'd get some opinions on the color - so hopefully you're able to see it well. - are we over thinking?! :) probably; we both tend to do that.

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I like it...it would hide dirt and stains well. LOVE the rug too!:)