Monday, May 14, 2012

Checking check out...

Well, hello.  Posting a brief message (yeah, right I'm not a brief kinda girl!) to say that things have been not just nutty like normal, or like I've been trying to play off, but they got pretty bad for me.  Feels like we've been in a whirlwind.  After having some peace and quiet once we were settled, we started to ramp up again with visits from family and before things could settle Emma dropped down from 2 naps to 1.

I tried very hard to be a champ and adjust gracefully.  Not make a big deal of the 'lost time'. Long story short I got to a point where I felt that not only could I not keep up, but I was unable to catch up at the rate I was going.  Wasn't sleeping well on top of that, and over the past 3-4 weeks, we've had 4 teeth s-l-o-w-l-y pop up which lead to some fun disciplining issues.

2 weeks ago, I hit my rock bottom.  Fun times. The great thing about that is that the Lord just started to speak to me (aka, I started to FINALLY listen) so loud and clear about all this stuff - it has just been amazing.

SO.  I realized that I was only putting the three of us 'first' in theory...or partially.  I was letting projects (for myself as well as others) take up my time and not being too much of the wife tyler needed, mom emma needed or self that i needed for that matter.

Last week was my detox.  Which I'm still going through.  I'm sensing probably a month at this phase.  Here's why.  I am putting US FIRST.  not doing anything for anyone else that takes up too much time, and that can't be done while emma's awake.  so that pretty much takes everything out ;0 Nap times are 'sacred' in the sense where it's all about getting things done.  Whatever things are NEEDED for us to function and at this point catching up on a lot that's been left behind.  Anything beyond that is secondary.

Computer time is super limited because it is a weakness of mine.  I can get so lost in the world of the internet.  I just don't have that time right now.  It's a 'focus' time right now.  On the Lord, on myself, then hub, babe and home.

Unfortunately, keeping everyone 'up to date' here doesn't fall in to the 'necessity for us' slot :)  ...and considering I'm 3 months behind (don't even have pics up on photobucket to even try to build a post from!...sigh...i really don't want to feel that pressure until I've got the important stuff under (God's) control.

That's where we/I've been.

I am reconsidering 'coming back' three little regulars: Y'all are moving HERE!  YAY!  don't need to let you know what's up with us when you're going to BE here with us.  OTHERS....some of you say you randomly check in, and it is nice to be able to see what's up with us - and I know there are lots of friends and family that are not local or even those that are that we don't see (sadly!) often....would anyone be super-de-duper sad if we didn't return?  Please let me know!  Not that you'll be able to pressure me back in to it ;0  I will take several things in to consideration to make that decision...just thought I'd get thoughts!

Alright.  That's about all the time I have for now - BATH TIME!  Until next time...