Thursday, July 29, 2010


Can I tell you how much clutter drives me nuts?! I dislike having piles of things in places, having too much in any given area - I generally enjoy things being tidy, organized and tossed when not needed. Now, is every nook in our house immaculate? Absolutely not. Piles or clutter build a bit, I put it either on paper or mental to-do list to get to it, then when I can't take it anymore, I dive in.

Case and point this morning. THE FRIDGE. Ever since last November or so, I've been wanting to find like a wired Christmas Card holder type thing to move what's on the fridge and keep on the wall instead. Only they only one I have found that doesn't look Christmas themed is from Pottery Barn, and pricey, so I continued to keep my eye out in the meanwhile.
So back to my clutter issue. Here's a pic of our fridge 'before'. (technically this is from a few months back - not sure why we had a pic of the fridge!)

Notice not only the pictures, announcements, notes, BUT the oh so tacky magnets ;) we keep all that come in. So on top of having everything and it's mother displaying, we have the lovely looking magnets holding them up as well.

This morning I decided the fridge was getting cleaned off. Not sure where I was going to put everything, but it was not staying like that any longer.

As I started to move things around, I decided that many of the magnets are the size of several of the photos...I got some tape and taped them together. Figured that when new pics come in, since both surfaces are smooth, it would be easy enough to just swap them out!

I used some small colorful magnets to post up the invites we've gotten...and voila - fridge looks organized!!

I did find some ideas online this morning of making my own little display holder/hangy things, just need to find some items to make the ideas come together...but in the mean while, this works for me!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

33 Weeks

I've noticed that, in being asked, and asking others that are currently pregnant, we all have a different view on how we're 'keeping track of time' during the pregnancy. There are those who say, "I'm X months." You've got your girls looking forward to the end saying, "I have X weeks left." Then there are those like Tyler and I who are counting the current week we're in and taking in everything that we read about it (yes, I have heard you only do it with the first child, but that's when you're most clueless and need it, right?!!)

We have entered in to our 33rd week, and at this point, we're weighing in at a pineapple.

In our efforts to enjoy every moment of pregnancy that we have left, I'm having a little fun here :) ...Pineapple alone made me think of a tropical drink on vacation, so I thought this image would be best ;0
Lately, I have been feeling a little on the alcoholic side...thinking of beers, wines and drinks that 'sound really good right now' or 'would go really great with this meal' or 'would just be nice to have'. You'd think I was a daily drinker prior to pregnancy with all my recent thoughts ;) Don't get me started on the research I've done on when I can have a beverage AFTER baby and timing it during breast feeding. No worries, I know it's just a current obsession, and as soon as I 'can' have some, it won't be as appealing anymore. HOW DID I GET ON THIS TANGENT?! sorry ;)

BACK TO PINEAPPLES AND VACATION: So, I thought I'd look through our pics from Hawaii last year to see if we had any fun pineapple drinks...and apparently not - but we do have this pic!

...awww...the memories of Hawaii. Wonder when we'll get to go back. What a blessing to have been able to go at all last year.
Stay tuned to see how baby weighs in next week, and what random thoughts that will bring about ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Devo time

The below devotional email really had the Lord speaking to me on different levels this morning. That and it was the second one related to spending/finances that I read this morning, which is one thing that Tyler and I have really been praying about since my 'retirement' ;)...all funnies aside, I felt that I should share this! It's from Proverbs 31 Ministries - 'Encouragement for today' can subscribe to their emails here: Enjoy :)
July 27, 2010
Impulsive Shopping
Shari Braendel
"Imagine a person who lives well, treating others fairly, keeping good relationships...doesn't live by impulse and greed, doesn't treat one person better than another, but lives by my statutes and faithfully honors and obeys my laws."
Ezekiel 18:5 (MSG)
Have you ever run out to purchase a new outfit simply because you felt you had nothing to wear? Or better yet, you're shopping with a friend and see a blouse that is oh-so-fabulous, only to get home and decide it doesn't go with anything else you own; as a result it hangs in your closet with the tags on.
Our class reunion, a wedding, a special party or even our best friend's cook-out begs us to run to the nearest store to buy something new. We often end up purchasing an outfit that is just so-so on us because we're in a hurry to find something and we end up wearing it only that once. Oh, the life of an impulsive shopper! Oh, the money wasted!
I wonder if God thinks we've become a nation of impulsive Christians too. We quickly toss up a prayer pleading for help regarding an illness or impending bills. Or, we quickly scan through a book that promises spiritual health in three easy steps. In the end, the quick scan of the book and the one-time prayer doesn't afford us all we really need - but we hardly notice since we've moved on to our next impulse.
Again and again we put our relationship with God in a corner, then pull it out when crisis comes, then stick it back in the corner as normalcy returns. And we become confused as to why things are turning out the way they are. We struggle with reaching out to God, only doing so when we need Him to fix something for us. Then we get angry when He feels distant; kind of like how we feel unfulfilled when that new dress or pair of capris doesn't really solve our wardrobe issues.
Impulsive shopping and impulsive Christian living have much in common. Both cause confusion and frustration. Both require intention and a plan to overcome.
Just like a well-equipped closet doesn't happen overnight, well-equipped faith doesn't either. Haphazardly bought pieces of clothing aren't effective in creating a solid, workable wardrobe. In the same way, haphazardly spending time with the Lord isn't going to be effective in building a solid, knowledgeable relationship with Him. As a Christian fashion consultant, I can tell you it takes time to grow your relationship with God, just as it takes time to assemble an efficient wardrobe.
Let's take time today and examine the areas in our lives that need some work. Go into your prayer closet today and ask yourself: How can I get more intentional about my walk with God?
Dear God, thank You for desiring more of me than just quick, impulsive prayers. I want to grow more like You every single day and seek You with purpose, not impulse. Please show me how You want me to do that. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
Related Resources:
Visit Shari's blog to win a signed copy of her newly released book Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad. It is a full-color, complete style guide for women and is a long awaited resource for the Christian community. She will select 3 winners!
You may also download a free Wardrobe Plan Sheet to help you get organized with your clothes, too!
10 Minutes a Day with Jesus: Growing in Your Love for the Savior by Jim Reapsome
Application Steps:
Do you set aside time each day to spend with God in prayer? You can start today. Begin with 10 minutes and before you know it, the time you spend with God will fly by, just like when you talk with a good friend!
Think twice before acting on impulse. I have rarely regretted the times I have paused and prayed before making a decision.
What situations tend to bring out impulsive reactions in you? If nothing comes to mind, ask God to impress upon you where you get tripped up. Pray about how to change the process.
There is only one be-all, fix-all in life, and it's not a dress, a pair of shoes, or a 10-day guide to happiness. It is Him, the One who made us. If I begin my search in a conversation with God, I will find the answers I am looking for. (Don't confuse this with always getting the answer you are hoping for, sometimes God's answer is not what we want to hear!)
Power Verses:
2 Corinthians 10:5-6, "We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ. Our tools are ready at hand for clearing the ground of every obstruction and building lives of obedience into maturity." (MSG)
Romans 8:26, "The spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express." (NIV)
James 1:5, "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him." (NIV)

Monday, July 26, 2010

32 Weeks

Here we are, at the end of 32 weeks. I cannot believe how quickly things are going. Tyler and I are both really loving the current stage...and he's already said he's going to miss seeing the belly, and the baby moving all around. So am I. We still have some time left, and we realize that! But seeing everyone saying we're so close is making us feel like we just need to continue appreciating every second of the next few weeks. are a couple of pics that Tyler took yesterday

...and here's a little clip of what it was doing today ;)

Nightly Dessert ;)

For about 2 weeks now, we have been eating ice cream just about nightly...and sometimes we can't wait that long so we have it during the day :) we've had all kinds of combinations.

After my last couple of appointments where i haven't gained too much weight, and passing my gestational diabetes test, I have been letting loose with desserts!

Just plain different kinds of ice cream together: vanilla, chocolate chip, cookie dough, moose tracks chocolate concoction (not the actual name). We had been using oreo cookie crumbs and graham cracker crumbs, and last week we started getting all fancy - well, just started mixing things up. we made chocolate chip cookies and added them in the bowl, angel food cake and blueberries, animal crackers, Amish bread, fresh chewy night, we went to one of the build your own yogurt places and got a variety of flavors and added a little bit of several toppings...apparently, i wanted to think about dessert out loud with you today!

Go on, enjoy a bowl of yummy ice cream - you know, i recently read it's a great way to get your calcium ;)

Friday, July 23, 2010

This week

One word that explains me this week is exhausted. The funny part about it: I really haven't done much to feel so worn out! Many days this week I have just not felt like moving...yet I've experienced aches in my wrists and knees. When I should be moving on the nesting boat, I feel less and less like cooking and doing household chores, etc.

I don't know if I'm being overly sensitive, but my feelings are being hurt - I'm allowing them to be hurt...
I feel like I was in a GREAT place, and this last month has just wiped me out and brought me down. Will you pray for me about this? I don't want to get in to too many details because regardless of what situations involve whom, ultimately it's my heart and where I'm allowing it to go :)

OK, whiner has exited and better mood mama has entered :) PTL for all those around me!!

I had a Dr appt earlier today. All continues to look normal! I've only gained 5 pounds since my last appointment (YAY) and the heartbeat sounded good and clocked in at about 153. Rumor has it that anything about 140 is 'girl' territory...however, a couple that just recently found out they were having a boy also clocked in at the 150's. We know we missed our opportunity for finding out, and we're absolutely OK with not knowing... just fun with all the guessing and theories ;)

This weekend will be full of showers - bridal and baby! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ann's Birthday

Last Friday, Ann turned 39 - wahoo! She just bought a house about a month ago and is ready to start a brand new year with who knows what the Lord has planned for her! ...but it seems like great things the way it's starting.

We had everyone over for BBQ and Mr T thought he'd mix it up and instead of BBQing dogs and burgers, we went for chicken and shrimp skewers...yummy.

while we were tending to the 'que, she shared with us her edible bouquet that someone sent to her at work...the bananas covered in milk and white chocolate were absolutely DELISH

Of course, we had some Isaiah time ;)

We realized we were 1 chair short for dinner, so my mom brought a little card table and chairs -and with the flowers that Jessica brought for her mom it looked like 'table for two' ;)...but it was my mom and Blair - not crystal!

After dinner, Crystal joined Blair at the table ;)
...for 'cake' time we decided to do cupcakes...yummy funfetti cupcakes ;)

and of course gift time
who wouldn't want a framed pic of Isaiah?!
And here's Ann with her girls.

Hope she had a great birthday evening with was a nice time together...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Enjoying being at home!

One of my goals in this at home time that the Lord is blessing me with is to spend time connecting with family and friends. Since it's summer time and school's out, last week I got some time with Paige and Chris - sans any parents ;)

Now that Paige is going to be heading in to high school, dad says she needs to start cooking dinner one night a week (yay for him doing that ;0 here for a great post I read on family dinners on Monday) SO...she says she has no clue what to do! Well, a few weeks ago when she was over swimming, we caught Rachel Ray and thought her Pizza Pretzels looked quite yummy...
...and 'DING' (for once, the thought light bulb goes off in the moment, not afterwards!) Tia Connie says, lets plan a day when you can come over and we'll try to make these so you can practice then be able to make it for your dad!

So above you can see what rachel's looked like...and here's what we ended up with:
In the recipe, it didn't mention making your dough long so that it could be formed like a pretzel...although I'm sure it's implied (I wasn't thinking much I guess!) So we decided to call them pizza bagels instead.

Either way - no matter what they looked like, they were YUMMY!!

Next, Paige wants to make enchilada casserole! of mine and Tyler's favorites ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today, we are 32 weeks - yay! In reading about this week, we're just over 3 lbs - about the weight of a large jicama...

at that point in reading (yes, about the first or second sentence) my thought is 'yumm....jicama' is that sad?! :) To be excited to read about child and to turn thoughts of size/weight of child in to a yummy snack?! (of course ADD'ing and disregarding child thoughts at that point - solely focused on treat at that point).

For some of you reading this, you may be on my side thinking some jicama sounds refreshing and quite yummy right now...others of you are thinking either: what in the world is a jicama and what does it taste like :)

Luckily, google images has it all!! Here's the treat that's making my mouth water right now:

eat it solo, or with some other fruits (of course with chili and lime!)...and OH WHAT A TREAT!

I just had to share my afternoon randomness!!

Obedient child

This past Saturday, we attended our labor and delivery class - oh the fun! Actually, it wasn't bad at all we really enjoyed the different things that we learned...although sitting there for 8 hours was a bit challenging when we didn't have good rest for two nights prior.

ANYHOW - the teacher had mentioned that, if you're talking to the belly, your child should be reacting to you. Tyler and I both looked at each other a little sad because we haven't felt any 'reactions' when we talk to it.

Last night at dinner, Tyler started talking to it because I mentioned it hadn't moved too much (not like Sunday, during service i counted 17 tumbles/movements!).

TYLER: "Kick."
BABY: nothing
TYLER: "This is your daddy. Move for your daddy."
BABY: moves
TYLER: "Thank you."


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Isaiah's 3 months!

We took some pics of 'IZ', as Tyler has decided to call him, last week to celebrate his 3 months :)

these were just some pics while we were changing his diaper...

enjoy :)

...he wasn't 'propped up' here so he started to lean over :) (whoopsy!)

...what an adorable little boy!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random things

I was hoping to have some things each week that I was enjoying or appreciating that I would share each week...but last week got crazy, and well it's only Wednesday so too soon for something this week.

BUT there are a few things that are boggling me for this week that I'll share!
  • using your cell while driving: I have seen about 5 or more cars over the past few days that I can see coming from a stretch. They are slowly driving at an angle, coming in to my lane from the opposite side, then all of a sudden they jerk back to the right side of the road. Each time I drive by they are either talking on the phone or texting or maybe even on the internet or something - but utilizing their cell in some way or another. Hello people - why don't they see how dangerous it is?! I will have to admit, even if I'm on the phone with a cord or blue tooth, I still find myself either going to the wrong place or direction, speeding or driving super slow....i.e. I can't focus on two things at once while driving. And texting - forget it.
  • zumba instructors: how come they don't realize they need a little rhythm/coordination in order to teach class? wow that sounds harsh! But seriously! Every class I have attempted, I find myself finding the counts/rhythm and being thrown off at how much the teacher is on the wrong count or just timing in general. I don't get it. I DID enjoy the instructor in Indiana - that was probably my favorite class I've been too. And yes, I realize that what I'm saying here is that I have rhythm and can get it better than the instructors. Sorry, but I started taking dance when I was like 6 and I'm Mexican and have been dancing with cousins in our living rooms since we were like 9 or something - and at every family gathering where music is playing since :) So you may want to say I'm the common denominator, but I will disagree:)
since it sounds like I'm being a debbie downer, I'll quit there...and I will say that one thing I'm absolutely loving with all of my heart is the feeling of the baby moving around in my belly at any given time of the day. While it doesn't feel like it's having gym class in my belly (probably since it's beginning to be a tighter squeeze for it) I am feeling it from every angle, little and big - either the bottom, feet, head, legs, hands or whole body...that had to have been my favorite last week. I felt it from side to side just pushing my belly outwards. Yesterday, during lunch with my lovely Mentor Ms Tammy :) It felt like it took both hands or both feet and was just pounding away at the middle of my belly trying to get out...THAT was interesting. Anyhow...I know most everyone knows what I'm talking about here. I'm one of the last of the mohicans to be joining the mom club :)

Have a good Wednesday! Don't forget to take time for yourself (even if it's demanded by locking yourself in the bathroom with a good book) :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I think to sit and write more often than I do...c'est la vie, right?! :)

I have had a reoccurring lesson that the Lord has been trying to get across to me, but I guess I'm slightly hard of hearing or am good for application for a period of time, then I forget about it?! I dunno.

Last week, I had about my 3rd slight break down in the past 2 months or so, from not setting boundaries in life currently (although my lack of boundaries applies to my previous work life, family, and just life in general).

I loved it, though, as God spoke to me through some radio briefs talking about how even the disciples needed a break and took off to spend some alone time with God to refresh. I've been reading things about not trying to be a superwoman thinking I can do it all and right now, and most importantly with my current state of growing inches each day in the belly region - taking time for myself to rest, relax...and try to do a little reading to inform myself of all the lovely things that are about happen and change and who knows what else...anyhow, I praise the Lord for just seeing how He's trying to get this through to me in several ways since last Wednesday, including this morning.

My wrist actually started aching (like my normal aches) last week and it's now turned in to a pain and I can't put pressure on actually hurts to type. I started wondering if He was bringing this on to keep me away from the computer :)

Back to this morning - not sure if you had a chance to catch Focus on the Family this morning, but it was great! I actually haven't been able to catch it at all since leaving work. I had intended to listen in online, but hasn't happened as of yet. Anyhow, this broadcast spoke to me on so many levels and I know there are so many of us out there that the Lord is trying to reach through it, so Ima help Him out a bit :) Click here to listen.

Apparently it's part 2 of 2, so I will have to catch part 1 later and hope you do as well!

Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catch up wrap-up

Well, I think I'm going to wrap the last few pics up together here so I can finally say I'm caught up - wahoo!

NELLY: estas fotos son para ti! Son de cuando estuvo Mari aquí hace como 2 semanas. Ella, tu mama y los niños vinieron a jugar en la alberca por un ratito el viernes antes de irse.

TRANSLATION: my cousin Marisol was here from Mexico a couple of weeks back...she and the kids came over and played in the pool for a while :)

how adorable are these kids?! I know I probably shouldn't be taking pictures during service, but we are in the season of having outdoor services...and our church had a bbq afterwards so we brought the camera along.

here's their mama - Ms Kimmy.
I think everywhere we go, or take pics together, we always include a prom pose :)

...and the rest of our 4th - it was nice and low key. Had some family over for a bbq.

Congrats to the new homeowner here - she's been moving in to her adorable new house for the past week or so...and she's hoping to be out of boxes by this weekend!
and as always, Lita :)
...and we did squeeze ONE picture in before the end of the day here.
we'll have to try to get more in - our clock is ticking for the baby's arrival!! hoping to get some professional pics taken some time this month :)

Hope everyone's had a great week!!