Friday, July 23, 2010

This week

One word that explains me this week is exhausted. The funny part about it: I really haven't done much to feel so worn out! Many days this week I have just not felt like moving...yet I've experienced aches in my wrists and knees. When I should be moving on the nesting boat, I feel less and less like cooking and doing household chores, etc.

I don't know if I'm being overly sensitive, but my feelings are being hurt - I'm allowing them to be hurt...
I feel like I was in a GREAT place, and this last month has just wiped me out and brought me down. Will you pray for me about this? I don't want to get in to too many details because regardless of what situations involve whom, ultimately it's my heart and where I'm allowing it to go :)

OK, whiner has exited and better mood mama has entered :) PTL for all those around me!!

I had a Dr appt earlier today. All continues to look normal! I've only gained 5 pounds since my last appointment (YAY) and the heartbeat sounded good and clocked in at about 153. Rumor has it that anything about 140 is 'girl' territory...however, a couple that just recently found out they were having a boy also clocked in at the 150's. We know we missed our opportunity for finding out, and we're absolutely OK with not knowing... just fun with all the guessing and theories ;)

This weekend will be full of showers - bridal and baby! Have a great weekend!

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I am praying for you.
I hope that if it was me, you would let me know. We are kindred spirits after all.:) I am SO excited to see you guys, it isn't even funny!