Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obedient child

This past Saturday, we attended our labor and delivery class - oh the fun! Actually, it wasn't bad at all we really enjoyed the different things that we learned...although sitting there for 8 hours was a bit challenging when we didn't have good rest for two nights prior.

ANYHOW - the teacher had mentioned that, if you're talking to the belly, your child should be reacting to you. Tyler and I both looked at each other a little sad because we haven't felt any 'reactions' when we talk to it.

Last night at dinner, Tyler started talking to it because I mentioned it hadn't moved too much (not like Sunday, during service i counted 17 tumbles/movements!).

TYLER: "Kick."
BABY: nothing
TYLER: "This is your daddy. Move for your daddy."
BABY: moves
TYLER: "Thank you."



NANI said...

OK.. so where is the latest belly picture. ;)
just looking.

OConnor Family said...

sis! Just took a look at your pics! So great to see you! Miss you! Praying! Crys:)

Aunt Nell said...

awww <3 it. Good job baby!! Cant wait for you have your baby in your arms!!! Hopefully I will get to meet him/her in December!! <3 you 3.