Thursday, July 29, 2010


Can I tell you how much clutter drives me nuts?! I dislike having piles of things in places, having too much in any given area - I generally enjoy things being tidy, organized and tossed when not needed. Now, is every nook in our house immaculate? Absolutely not. Piles or clutter build a bit, I put it either on paper or mental to-do list to get to it, then when I can't take it anymore, I dive in.

Case and point this morning. THE FRIDGE. Ever since last November or so, I've been wanting to find like a wired Christmas Card holder type thing to move what's on the fridge and keep on the wall instead. Only they only one I have found that doesn't look Christmas themed is from Pottery Barn, and pricey, so I continued to keep my eye out in the meanwhile.
So back to my clutter issue. Here's a pic of our fridge 'before'. (technically this is from a few months back - not sure why we had a pic of the fridge!)

Notice not only the pictures, announcements, notes, BUT the oh so tacky magnets ;) we keep all that come in. So on top of having everything and it's mother displaying, we have the lovely looking magnets holding them up as well.

This morning I decided the fridge was getting cleaned off. Not sure where I was going to put everything, but it was not staying like that any longer.

As I started to move things around, I decided that many of the magnets are the size of several of the photos...I got some tape and taped them together. Figured that when new pics come in, since both surfaces are smooth, it would be easy enough to just swap them out!

I used some small colorful magnets to post up the invites we've gotten...and voila - fridge looks organized!!

I did find some ideas online this morning of making my own little display holder/hangy things, just need to find some items to make the ideas come together...but in the mean while, this works for me!



looks good! I love organization!
Have I sent you recent pics of the kids??? , since I noticed the one you have is cassie, like 5 years ago..:) I am horrible at sending pictures...

NANI said...

Looks great COnnie.. love the moving belly picture from earlier in the week.. and all your wonderful blogging. ;) see you soon.

Aunt Nell said...

looks good. Yeah Connie A....I am waiting for some new ones too... I dont think I have one of your family with Aeva in it and I want to take it to BRasil with me... ;)
Connie B~ better not forget my wedding!!! ;)~ hehehe jk Praying for you and baby right now!