Sunday, August 1, 2010


The following takes place between 11 p.m. (July 30th) and 8 p.m. (August 1st).

11:30pm - On friday night we got home a little late and finally fell asleep around 1130.

1:27am - The next thing I remember is hearing a soft voice say, "hey..." from the bathroom...not sure how it woke me up as it really was soft...but it did... it seemed like her water had broke, but we were so it really? Its too early. So we called Kaisers labor and delivery and the recommended coming in right away.

2:00am - At the hospital they confirm that the water broke. However, because we are prior to 34 weeks, they need to transport us to Dameron in Stockton where the Neonatologists are. Connie was given Magnesium to stop any contractions, and the first of two steroid shots to help the baby's lungs develop quicker.

3:00am - Connies is placed in the ambulance while I follow with the car...neither of us really sure what was going to happen.

3:40am - We arrive at the Dameron hospital and it took about an hour to get checked in.

5:00am - We are checked in and they tell us whats going to happen. Monday morning we will have a sonagram..and they will tell us what the plan is. Connie slept off and on, until it got to be a little later where we could start calling fam. We had all planned to go the Giants Dodgers game that day so there was the issue of tickets and who was getting ours. In the end 5 of the people didnt go....I know what your thinking....5 unused tickets...but they ended up finding people to use them.

12:00am - Connie finally got to sleep for reals.

3:30am - the second steroid shot.

9:00am - I take off for a bit while Connies fam visits and get some things from home since we are going to be here till the baby comes.

1:00pm - I get back Connie and the baby are doing good.

4:00pm - They stop the magnesium drip which has been keeping her from contractions. Now if the baby wants to come its going to, and they wont stop it.

8:00pm - I am writing this blog entry and the doctors, nurses, have been coming in and giving good reviews on the current progress and vitals. No contractions and so far so good.

So thats it for now, and we will know more tomorrow.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We love you all and are nervously awaiting this, can't wait to get out, little one.

Tyler, Connie, and little one.

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Aunt Nell said...

yeahhhh!! PRaying that baby comes when they are healthy enough to grace us with their sweet presence!! Im super excited for you guys...and that I might get to meet him/her afterall!!! :) God is good!! Also praying for you and Connie as you anxiously and Im sure nervously wait for your precious bundle of joy!!! <3 you 3!!!!

NANI said...

Waiting to hear more. ;) PRAYING, big time. So excited that God caused Nathan to wake and need to pray. ... before they even knew anything. Grace.
God is good.
A week from tomorrow we will see you . Anxiously awaiting that time.
LOVE YOU.... Mom