Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 weeks old!

I wasn't planning to post anything today, but here I am! A little breather between dinner and the next feeding time...and some cute pics we took a couple of hours ago when Emma and daddy were playing a bit.

getting ready for bath time!

and play time with daddy

daddy was proud of the heart shape she made with her fists :)

OK...a little awkward from this angle, but from mine it was an adorable pose :) She was laying with me to come down from all the excitement after playing with daddy.


NANI said...

Ahhh, She is growing! I can tell.

Bless her little body, Lord, with good health and Joy. Help her to be a kind baby to her parents and sleep well and eat well and grow to be a Woman of God. :)
LOVE YOU GUYS> LOVE seeing any little tidbit about her and you.


She has already changed so much!
What an adorable niece I have!
Love you guys!

NANI said...

Did you notice that in the first picture she has three fingers up to signify her 3 week birthday? Smart girl. :)

Jennifer King said...

Connie - She has your eyes!!! I love it!!!

Jennifer King said...

aka..."The Connie Sparkle!"