Thursday, August 12, 2010

AM thoughts AND Praise report!

I haven't said THANK YOU to the anonymous person that came by the hospital last Wednesday, dropped off the adorable 'princess is here' onsie and didn't leave a note! Thank you - it's super cute :)

Love the comments that have been posted :) Thanks for taking time to drop by and check in on us, when you do! And thanks for the kind and encouraging comments. If there was a way to reply directly, I would! So...for those anonymous peeps that I don't have emails for - feel free to include it in there or shoot me an email so I can have yours :) (

...that reminds me - for those of you that were hit by my email in that spam message: I have changed my email address; well, it's pretty much the same just @gmail not @yahoo (see above for exact).

I had more thoughts, but I forgot them ;) I'll throw them out when they come back to me :)

Ms Emma ate her WHOLE 7:30 feeding from the bottle while the nurse was holding her!! AMAZING that she went from nothing to 20 mls last night with dad to the full 46 this morning!! Yay can't wait to see what she does during the day with me today.

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Sorensen Family said...

Congratulations Boyd family and welcome to the world Emma! I know without a doubt that she is well taken care of at Dameron...what a phenomenal staff they have, especially Nurse Christine. Thank you for having a blog and for being willing to share your lives with us. We hope to meet you someday, Emma!

-Jeremiah, Sopa, and Jacob Sorensen (NICU graduate)