Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1 week recap

The last week has been quite the whirlwind and has left us pretty emotionally and physically drained. One of the nurses that were extremely blessed to have over the past week gave me the idea to keep up the blog on a regular basis, as keeping you all posted on Emma and how she's doing will allow me to share about each day, be transparent with you and not keep things all bottled up, which I am so good at doing ;) (Thank you nurse Christine!)

Emma's progress
She's out from under the 'billy lights' - the jaundice is all set.

She's out of her incubator - she's been able to keep her body temperature up.

Over the past 3 days, her potassium levels have been a little high. She's gotten a couple of treatments, and yesterday's new DR took them away - BUT today's results are LOWER, yay praise the Lord, so we're just continuing to pray that they continue to decline to the 'normal' level. Once that is stabilized, there's just ONE last thing to work on before she can come HOME!...

FEEDING. With her age (35 weeks yesterday), she's just so tired. After all, she was scheduled for 6 more weeks of sleep and rest time before she decided to join us out here :) Nurse thinks maybe she's a young 35 weeks, as well, none the less, I guess it should be more of 'normal' thing for her to do, therefore come easier for her, when she's about 37 weeks. SO that MAY put us at about 2, almost 3 more weeks of her staying in the hospital.

If her potassium levels continue to go down, reach 'normal' and stay there for a few days, we MAY be able to have her transferred to the Modesto Kaiser hospital for the rest of her time in...which would be such a blessing! Having it take 10-15 minutes to get to her vs 45-60 minutes would be HUGE.

So, I think that's all the on the medical side of things.

How are mom and dad?
Well, mom had a mini melt down Monday night/Tuesday am. the emotions/tears were just rolling. Dad wasn't too far behind, in his own way. He ended up taking the majority of yesterday off and joined me at the hospital for the day. IT WAS AWESOME...and I think just what we both needed. After our amazing day together at the hospital with our little Emma, we had a nice evening with our Boyd family that is all in town this week (YAY) and we are both feeling so much better now :)

That's the quick catch up for ya. Here are a few pics that we've taken over the past week as well!

For those that will get this: my little cardinal in training - pinkie up all on her own!! ;)

MONDAY: Our first visitors, since the day she was born, that got to meet Emma up close and personal!
Aunt Connie
Cousin Shanelle
Cousin Shirley

Our first bath time!!
Mama washing her down while daddy took all the pics ;)
This is Emma's little 'station' in the nursery
Nurse Christine has been so great, she picked up the purple blanket you've seen in a few pics as well as this cute little outfit she wore to celebrate being 1 week ;)

...and today's visit...
...I think she was opening up an eye to make sure I was still there ;)...It's so hard to leave her every day! Can't wait to see her again tomorrow :)


Kevin & Amy Layton said...

Connie and Tyler, Emma is SO precious and looks like she's grown alot since last week when you first had her! She's beautiful in every way and such a blessing! We will continue to pray for you guys and little baby girl!I can't imagine having to leave that sweet babe everyday but it sounds like you have found an extra special nurse to care for her in your absence! Don't you worry I am sure she knows who you are and is counting down the days (somehow) to be HOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and posting pictures! She is just adorable, and I'm so glad she is getting better everyday! It's going to be awesome to have her home!!! Take care!

Jennifer King

Anonymous said...

YAY FULL FEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo hoo EMMA!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Little girls always melt their Daddy's heart. It just happens. No explanations.

Mark & Karen