Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Emma Pics!

Wow! What a day! So sorry we didn't get more pics out right away...their connection there was blocking almost everything, and my phone was having issues too! So here we go...

Proud daddy photos of Emma Lucia Boyd. (pronounced "Loo-see-ah" in case you were wondering)

I got to cut the cord, and right after the doctor held her up
she reached out and grabbed my beard!

Emma was angry that we took her out of her home in such
a mean way. :) The Nurses were cleaning her up.

After they got Emma cleaned up, they did more vital checks
on her. She stuck out her lower lip...and man...she has me around
her little finger already....

I got to hold her for the very first time. Wow! I couldn't believe my eyes...
Very emotional.

Then on to mommy...what a beautiful baby...
I'm sure all dad's say that about their daughters! ;)

Mommy was tuckered, but was loving having Emma so close.

Emma loved being near her mommy...she calmed down
and went to sleep. So precious.

She slept their peacefully for a bit.

Ten tiny fingers, on their very first day,
May they always reach for you Lord, oh this we pray,
Ten tiny fingers, that you knew from the very start,
Will be reaching for tomorrow, yet will always hold our heart.

1 Samuel 2:1a
"My heart rejoices in the LORD;
in the LORD my horn is lifted high."


Aunt Nell said...

Oh my gosh!!! Way to bring tears to my eyes!! ;) We love you guys. Ty, you are going to make an AMAZING and LOVING daddy! You have been an example to me over the years and I am super excited to see God blessing you with this very precious and tiny, Emma!!! Congrats.

NANI said...

Ahh Ty. So sweet. I love the poem. Did you borrow it, or write it for her yourself.
I'm in love too. :) she is very very precious and beautiful. Thanks for the pictures.
I've been checking all morning.
So so so happy for you both. YOu will make awesome parents.
Talked to Connie. She sounds good. On her way in to see Emma. YEAH.
LOVE YOU BOTH>...ALL.. have to remember it isn't just the two of you anymore.

Dani F. Boyd said...

So sweet, so precious!!! This post trully made me cry. I can't wait to meet little Emma Lucia (what a great name, so musical).

You are a great dad!

Congratulations to both of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations......IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo happy for you. I have to admit that I cryed when I got the text, specially when I read the name it just hit me :)
We will continue to pray so both Mom and Baby Emma have a speedy recovery. Pretty soon you will be at home with your bundle of joy!
Lila :)