Saturday, August 7, 2010

Daddy and his little girl

After Tyler got off of work last night, we headed back up to Stockton for another feeding, and stayed for 2 ;) We actually stayed because they've reduced her IV intake, so that they can try to get her to feed more - about 30 mls. However, during the 1:30, 7:30 and 10:30 feedings (that I was there for), she appeared more tired than hungry. SO the latest update on her is that she's not eating too much on her own and they've added a little feeding tube. We're still trying for her to feed first, but after about 20/30 mins, if she doesn't then, the last resort is to do it through the tube.

POSSIBLE REASONS: the jaundice lights make her a little groggy, and her potassium is a little high, also making her groggy. So in addition to being a little more tired since she was supposed to have 6 more weeks of resting time, those two additional factors may be contributing to not eating much yesterday, since she was doing well the day prior at 15 mls.

prayer for that specifically would be great!

Here are a couple of adorable pics from last night of Daddy and his little girl!

Emma in her incubator with the photo therapy lights on....or as dad says 'already working on her tan'...the lights will help the jaundice go away - her levels are going down quickly!


NANI said...

The "too tired to eat" thing is pretty normal for about now. :)"
She has been through some tramatic stuff. :)And I always had trouble with all my babes when they were days old. :)
You just couldn't keep them awake long enough to eat for very long. ;)
she will wake and eat when she is hungry.
I found pictures. and am bringing them.. YEAH.. i remembered. NOT alot.. but some.
2 or 3 of newborn and then some as he got older for your own personal comparison. SOON YEAH!!!
Matt Householder from the Ripon church is picking us all up with the church van and delivering us to my moms.

Connie Lewis said...

These photos made me cry. I remember you, Tyler, when you were just a boy (a very smart one, but a boy, nonetheless). Now, here you are totally reliant on God to work a miracle that likely feels like the biggest one you've ever sought. He will deliver! He is able!

May you be blessed in knowing every special thing about Baby Emma will play out in her life as well. Our little Baby Julia had some difficulties when she was born, but it has truly made her more gracious, patient, and kind hearted.

I choose to believe that babies that require this much extra attention are SO worth it.

Thank you two for loving on, hanging on, and praising anyway. God inhabits the praise of His people, and surrounds your baby girl with His hands - big enough to hold her for life.

We'll watch and wait with excited anticipation to see all that God intends to do with your little family.

Congratulations on a perfect little bundle of love.

Anonymous said...

Hello guys! :) I found you! :) you are two such wonderful parents, what a blessing!

May God bless your family always!

:)Nurse Christine

Anonymous said...

Congrats Connie & Tyler,
New life is so amazing and such a miracle that only God can give. Many blessings ahead for all of you.

Mark & Karen