Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meeting Grandma and Grandpa!

What a nice long visit I had with Emma on Friday. We started off the day by learning her potassium had gone down to 5 - huge drop! and 5.1 was the 'high end normal', so we're officially in the clear. Since her levels have dropped for 3 days consecutively, the Dr called in orders last night to have her transferred to Modesto!!! Sometime today she'll be moving closer to home. Super exciting.

Not too good of a feeding report from yesterday. They're feeding her from the the little tube every other feeding, so we only get to try to feed her every other one. Both feedings we were there for yesterday resulted in her passing out in our arms :) SO...again, she's just young and it will happen eventually! And until then, she'll be in the care of nurses to get her to that point.

here's a cute little raise the eyebrows (that you cant see because they're blond!) look she does while she's sleeping

Here's Emma meeting Grandma for the first time
...and grandpa...
she also got to meet auntie a'briel yesterday!

...and after visitors, she decided to wake up during diaper changing time ;) some pics are little blurry because we're not supposed to use flash in the NICU

...and then we wrapped her up and put her to bed...

Mom and dad had great visits with Emma yesterday and were both beat by the end of the night. We're headed up there this morning to visit with her before Shanelle's wedding :) And we'll just wait and see when she'll be moving!

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NANI said...

Do you realize how absolutely beautiful she is??? :) really. not biased or anything. SHE IS So cute.