Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First days...

What a great day today was...and of course the past few days now that Ms Emma is HOME!! Today was nice because we were just home with her all alone all day long :)

Here's Emma starting to wake up in her very own little bed
Yesterday was kind of a full day. We had some visitors in the morning, followed by Emma's first Dr's appt where we learned she's continuing to gain weight - yay her :) Then we went to Aunt Nette and Uncle Jim's house for some DELICIOUS BBQ. Since the Boyd family time started to come to an end today, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend a few more hours with everyone last night. Oh and we wanted to show Emma off too since many of them hadn't met her yet;)

Here she is with Aunt Steph

...Aunt Charrie, who's taking this all in since she's now growing her own bundle of joy!!!

Uncle Matt joined in and they had some parent practice time while Tyler and I had dinner

And with Grandma Boyd. I think they said that Emma is great grandchild #26 for her.
Had to get a sibling shot before we headed sure is a shame you each have your families in different states! - Crystal, oh how we wish you, Jason and the boys could have shared this past week with us! We'll have to have Tyler photoshop you in on the end ;)

Today we had our first bath at home and we dried off with this super cute towel that Tia Ann, Jessica and Paige got Emma.

after the bath, she passed right out, just like we thought she would!

...and we're just about ready to get her up for her next feeding here tonight. Nighty-night for now!

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Dani F. Boyd said...

So cute! Everytime I come to visit your blog I cry... what a beautiful family. I can't wait to meet Emma menina linda.