Sunday, August 15, 2010

Emma has moved!

We spent quite a bit of time with little Miss Emma yesterday, and it was nice! We headed up to Stockton in the morning and spent 2 feedings with her. 1 was not so good, the other - GREAT! drank the full 46 mls from the bottle. Our path forward at this point will be to focus on bottle feeding, since that's easier for her, so that she can just get home.

She lost her umbilical cord! Yay her ;)

As you know, the Dr had called in the orders for her to be transferred to Modesto Kaiser on Friday evening. Blah, blah, 2 pm we learned Kaiser hadn't done anything to prepare for her to go, so they STARTED working on it at that point...she was scheduled to be picked up at 4:45 by a call at about 5:45 that she was still in Stockton because Kaiser did not have something that they needed in order to transport her (not sure what they were missing but they were unprepared nonetheless) so Dameron prepared their transport team and brought her on a call about 7:32 that she had arrived safely in we went to go greet her...we arrived at the hospital about 8...and she was admitted and all set by about 9. What a day!

Yesterday we had a wedding that we attended, which just had us torn. We wanted to be there but we also wanted to be with Emma during transport and once she arrived. I started to get emotional on the way to the wedding because of feeling so torn, and once we arrived and everyone started asking how we were, I had a hard time speaking. I actually started to stay away from everyone a bit and letting Tyler take the questions because I was just trying to keep from crying. It was also hard for the both of us to realize how many babies were there. It was tough to see everyone get to have their babies with them while ours could not be there with us. It was odd, but once the hospital called about the 'issue' with the transport (in the middle of the ceremony - sorry that my getting up and back will have to be edited out of the wedding video!), I did feel a little better :)

Once we saw her in her new palace, we were even better. Seriously. The new facility compared to the one we've been in is a HUGE upgrade. We have tons of space and I think there are only like 4 babies here, where in the other there were about 20 at the most over the past week and a half. Not that where we were was bad. She had GREAT care at Dameron and we met some wonderful nurses there. Kaiser is just a new hospital is all :)

ANYHOW...on to the pics!!
dad doing the first step in getting started in the 'feeding process' - we check her temp to make sure she's all good!

after her feeding from the tube, we let her lay a little so she doesn't throw up :( here she is tucked in a dad not wanting to let her sleep :)

Connie got Aeva and Sammy the cutest dresses for the wedding yesterday, and they came with matching doll dresses...and we thought they might just fit Emma - AND THEY DID!

and here's her matching buddy for this dress, Aeva

...Emma in the second dress...

...and her matching partner, Sammie
...back to our day - here we are working on getting Emma to stay awake and drink her whole bottle with Nurse Angela. She was also the one that ended up transporting Emma to Modesto - THANK YOU!!
Here's Emma and daddy in her new (temporary) home. It's a nice little upgrade, let me tell you!
Today is another day, and we're praying for her bottle feedings!! The next step is to allow her to take from the bottle 2 times in a row, then rest (feed from tube) once in between. Of course we'll keep you posted.

Have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations you got her closer to home! :)

My friend Nurse Rebecca works there at Kaiser, tell her hello for will all be very happy there :)

God bless,
-Nurse Christine

Anonymous said...

Congratulations :) Seems like you are handling the new mommy/daddy duties just fine! she's so precious and hope to see her once you settle down with your new life at home :) Enjoy every minute!