Monday, August 16, 2010

Filling in the blanks...

So, some of you may be a little confused on what happened between posts. After our arrival to Kaiser, the 3rd shift nurse that Emma had talked to Tyler and I on Sunday about taking the feeding tube out and just seeing what she would do if we had her nipple every feeding. We were definitely in for that trial, so she spoke with the Dr and he ordered it out and said that if she ate an average of 40 mls per feeding on her own for a day, she could go home.

Tyler described it best when he said that it was like both of our jaws just dropped when we heard that. We just weren't expecting them to say she could come home with us so soon - but we were extremely excited to hear the news at the same time. So we prayed, yet tried not to get our hopes up too much (well, at least I tried not to get my hopes up too high) ...checked in on her after 2 feedings, and she did well...checked in on her Monday morning and the nurse said, "when would you like to take her home"...CRAZY!

So, we tried to get as much 'ready' for her as we could. Thanks to Tyler's great friend, Brian, we have somewhere for her to sleep...and now we're just working on building up our baby 'collection' in our home with things like bottles, bath time stuffs, etc...ya know some baby essentials that would be great for us to have around the house :)

Here are a few shots of her last day in the hospital, and her first evening at home.
'car seat challenge' - she had to sit in the car seat for an hour to make sure her levels would all remain, and of course she passed ;)

her last feeding at the hospital with daddy, while we watched a CPR video

we were so excited to see all the wires coming off
then it was time to get back in the car seat TO LEAVE!!

Emma and Daddy on the way out...

...and stretch time once we got home!!
...and we had a few visitors too. Grandma aka Teremama

Tia Ann, Jessica and Paige

so good to have her home at last!!!


Anonymous said...

luv that 22 !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

luv that 2 2!!!!

Keisha Suzanne said...

Congrats Connie!! I'm happy to see your little bundle of joy in your home safe and sound.