Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Emma is here!

It was such a surprise. We were thinking it was going to be a week...maybe more...but the doctors told us that if it started happening, they would let it go. So, we settled in for the long haul. Once again, the baby and God had different plans.

Connie started having contractions about 3:00 in the morning. I was going to go into work that day, so Connie was trying to keep her contractions to herself and not wake me.

About 6, I woke up and the nurse came in and told us she was going to check to see if Connie had started dialating.

1 cm.

So I knew I was going to have to ask to not go into work....

From then till 10 it was contraction after contraction. Each one between 3 and 5 minutes apart.

At 10:00 they checked her again....


We made a few calls between contractions, and the nurses started to get things ready. Then...

They disappeared.

(ask Connie about that sometime....she was very traumatized)

Of course, I understand that there was a c-section happening, but how about checking in on us? Connie thought she was going to have to deliver this thing with just me there...horrible thought.

About the time we had given up hope on the doctor, in he pops, making jokes! Connie wasn't having it, and did the let's get this thing going hand gesture...and I echoed....let's cut out the chatter! ;)

In a matter of 15 minutes Emma was here...and WOW! So beautiful. We got to hold her for about a half hour and then they had to take her away to start running tests.

We are here in our room, and Emma is doing good in the NICU.

We saw Emma a little tonight, and will be able to see her in the morning, but she's probably going to be in the NICU for a couple of weeks. Just making sure she is developing well.

Right now the concerns are temperature, eating, swallowing, weight gain, infections, and not getting jaundice.

We can't wait until we get to hold her again, take pictures of her again...maybe in a week or two... ;(

We will try and get a few of the pics we did take of her when we had the chance online tomorrow. (wednesday).

Thank you all for your prayers again. What a day....we are pooped...and going to catch some sleep.

Good night!

Tyler, Connie, and Emma.


Aunt Nell said...

What an exciting time!! I prayed for you guys around 2, 2:30 am cause I felt the call ;) God knew!!! ;)

Super excited to see the text of Emma!!!! I wanted to post it for your mom on fb, but my phone only lets me text it! :( pooh!!

Praying for you and Connie as you wait on the Lord. Hope you get to hold your little princess soon!! Praying for Gods grace!! I hope to meet her before I go! She is in Gods hands!! Love n prayers to you 3!!!!

NANI said...

Nice TY, :) good story. We will probably hear the long version from Connie later. ;) HA.. what Kind of HAND gesture did she use????? ;) HA.
So excited for you all and praying that she will exceed all expectations and be able to be with you both sooner. Love you all. MOM