Monday, August 23, 2010

Another week!

Well another week has flown by. We can NOT believe that Emma's been home for a whole week now. Last Tuesday, the day after she was released from the hospital, we had our 2 week check-up -how's that for 'following protocol'?! Was it really necessary to 'check-up' on Emma when she was in the hospital for just under 2 weeks? Oh too funny :) BUT, we did get her stats for that day:
Weight: 5 lbs, 9 oz
Length: 19 1/4 inches

How's Emma?
Doin' alright! She was on a pretty good 3 hour schedule from the hospital, and we've tried to stick to it with a little massaging here and there. Overall it's working for us. She did begin to get a little cranky and have some spit ups after every feeding. We've been trying to keep her upright more when she's eating and for a bit after feeding to try to help her out. Daddy also found some great helpful hints online that seem to be working for yesterday and today :) Something warm on her tummy. We're also having me try some different things to see if that helps her tummy or whatever is going on with her. Oh how much easier would it be if she could say 'OK mom, this is what's going on'...soon enough, I suppose, before she'll be talking our ears off.

She's eating well, growing longer and her belly is getting bigger too ;0. It's just such a treat to get to hug and kiss on her whenever we want.

How are ma and pa? (said in an accent like the beverly hill billies)
...gettin' used to the 2 hour sleep stretches at night. Actually, the last two nights we've been letting one of us sleep through a feeding, kinda (when Emma cooperates and isn't crying), so that's been nice. It's also great that Tyler's more of a night person and I'm more of a morning person, so he's more alert for the middle of the night and I'm more alert bright and early squirrely in the morning. We do tend to get frustrated or irritated a little easily, and I'm still a little on the over-emotional side...kinda hard to tame that when I am a pretty emotional person to begin with. But, it could be worse for both of us, and we know that compared to lots of stories we've heard from people, overall we have it pretty easy. And we're grateful for that :)

blah, blah, blah...on to what you're really looking for. Some more adorable pics of our daughter!!

disregard the rest of the mess on the table -but how 'bout that centerpiece?! :)

...little nap time with Popi

...and another nap with Teremama...

...and her three grandparents in awe of her beauty ;)
great-grandma Burton

...what neat (unintentional) lighting - and check out the belly!

Here's Emma with her nephew, Isaiah - CRAZY!!

...with Lita - Emma is Lita's 18th great-grand child

...and one of her adorable faces...

the pros with two kiddos of their own! ...and you guys have given us wonderful tips and advice THANKS, it's much appreciated!! FAVORITE picture thus far...
it's blurry because it was about 4:45 AM and I didn't want to wake either one of them. Awww...

OK to calm everyone about Emma sleeping on the bed, it was one of her cranky spells and she goes right to bed next to me, so I laid her down next to me to try to get her to hold off on getting up until feeding time. So, I wasn't sleeping but the two of them were :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Until the next breather...have a great week as well.



not only LOVE the pictures of her highness, but also the update on YOU.:)
Love you guys! You are doing such a good job, and the belly is evidence.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Boyd family, I told you I would check in, I am happy to see Emma and you all doing well...dont worry about the sleeping in bed thing...

My son slept with us until he was.....oh about 9.

By the way, he peed the bed until he was oh about...10! hehe just kidding..well sort of! :)

God bless you all, take care,
Nurse Christine